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    Default How to open when you roll up next to HB in your car

    OMG. one of my friends has come up the coolest opener when "cruising" hang-out spots. This will only work for younger people that are in HS (only advisable if you're in HS yourself)- mid 20's, as older women probably wouldn't go for it...

    What you need:
    - a good car stereo
    - a "cute" sock puppet (we used Tigger from Winnie the Poo)
    - CD or MP3 of We Stayin Alive by Wyclef (I hate rap but this really works).

    First you want to get to the good part of the song about 1 minute and 40 seconds into it. As you roll up on HB's, make sure the stereo is thumpin, so they'll look over at you. Now, time to pull out your little puppet and make it wave to HB. IF she waves back or smiles/laughs it is on, otherwise just pass them up... Now if you get a good smile just start making your little sock puppet dance to the beat, they'll almost always start laughing and smiling. You need to make sure the little puppet dances good though. My friend can make it look really cool, and even have it do a moon-walk.....

    At the end make the little sock puppet blow her a kiss and take a bow.... After that it is just a simple, "Hey, what are you guys up to tonight?"

    Seriously, this works all the time, but the key is to making your puppet's dance look really good, so you might want to work on it a bit before trying it out in the field..
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    That was a good one rdc... give us another one. I know you got more..

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