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    Tomcat Guest

    Default "Have you met..." opener

    Does anyone have some info on the "Hi, have you met <friend's name>?" and then walk away before she responds opener? You might have seen this in the show How I met your mother. That's where I basically got the idea, so I'm wondering if this could work in real life, and if so, how effective is it? I usually go clubbing with a friend who has pretty much the same amount of PU experience as me (next to none to be honest), so we thought we'd start small, and since a wingman is already there, why not? Baby steps.
    I appreciate the info and advice in advance.

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    bonsai Guest

    Default Re: "Have you met..." opener

    It's a great opener and you have to do it. Now. I used it last saturday for my wing at a club. He's having is day 2 this week.

    Side note: How I Met Your Mother is awesome.

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    Pearsonz Guest

    Default Re: "Have you met..." opener

    Haha yeah me and my friends do it often (Yes HIMYM is awesome)

    Works great as you get into convos about where it's from if it fails.

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    Instinct Guest

    Default Re: "Have you met..." opener

    I take it a step further, if you have a great job say "Excuse me, have met? I am sure we have, are you a recording artist or something for virgin records?"

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    Default Re: "Have you met..." opener



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