Just going to say right off the bat, my grammar isn't to good so just bare with me. my fist time writing something on a pua forum but i am here to help you guys. Been in the "game" for a while, not really a infield report guy, but just thought i share my ideas

okay so after opening, doing some banter talk, having fun , being grounded in my own energy and showing value about 3 min In i like to qualify(well sort off)

Me- "uggh somtimes i wish i could just run away from this city, dont you?

HB- "yea no blah blah

me-(little bit of old school pua stuff) "alright what if you could move anywhere you wanted with no regrets, where would you go?"

HB-"blah blah"

me -" oh really. Well lets do it, pack your bags were going tomorrow were going to run away together and never return." (playful tone)

HB- "omg bkah bkah"

me-"actually let me hold that thought, not sure if i can run away with you.

Hb-"why not blah blah"

me-"well I'm not sure if your runaway material , i put girls in in 3 different categories,1-girlfriend material, 2-wifey material , and the best of them all 3- run- away material. You are one of the most down to earth , confident, fun, girls i have talked to in a long time and defiantly in my girlfriend category, but come on you have any idea how special of a girl you have to be for me to leave my family and friends and run away with you, you must be a 1 in a million but dont worry your one third of the way there" (smile and be joking not to serious)

This really get her chasing and trying to get your approval.She tries to prove that she is wifey material and run away material. Ans starts to game you making this whole process easier
P.S.---- let me know what you guys think, ill post up more stuff if you guys like this. and sorry for the poor grammar. afcgurp signing offf.