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    Default That false concept of confidence most men have that makes them fail with women! I am sure that we've all heard, repeatedly that women are attracted to men with confidence right?

    Well guess what?....what if I were to tell you that there are two notions of confidence-One which is right----ie which is sexually attractive to women and One wrong---a complete turn off to them.

    That's right!

    See most men have been given a false concept of what confidence is and how to exhibit it. As a result they fail miserably at attracting women. Therefore we want to make sure that we are exhibiting the right kind of confidence so that we are successful at attracting the opposite sex.

    Let me explain what I mean.

    Most men seem to think that a display of confidence means to act super-duper cool, indifferent to anything or anyone, to continuously push a woman away by teasing her mercilessly, with the false idea that this sort of cockiness and even arrogance will attract her , to be emotionless, cut-throat, quick-witted, aggressive and to always display personal strengths but never weaknesses

    The problem with this, is that this sort of behaviour is not "Organic or real". In fact it comes across as something fabricated, manipulated and ungenuine---which conveys insecurity in oneself and superficiality in thinking. This is because we are, after all humans my friends and do have a weak spot, do feel emotion, do feel pain-----Do bleed.....emotionall y of course.!

    I mean we're supposed to feel emotion! That is the nature of the beast isn't it?

    This is parallel to the unnaturalness of being too weak, insecure, shy, fearful, afraid of rejection and failure.

    See in our true native, "humanoid" state. we are a combination of both Superman as well as Clark Kent at the right time. There should be no polarity. The only reason why one extreme exists over another is because of false pretences or conditioning by external environmental factors following our birth.

    For instance.....If you are shy and afraid to be around women....which is not naturally conditioned within you at birth, considering your playfullness and lack of care when dealing with them as young boys, it is because, over the years you have been conditioned to win the acceptance and approval of feminine figures:

    Your mother- since you depended on her love, affection and breast milk to nurture and incubate you through those early years of childhood development

    Then, your teachers and babysitters
    ---who used behavioral conditioning on you by rewarding you when you did good and punished you when you got out of line.

    Lastly, the media did a good job on you by conveying to you, through subliminal imagery and messages that you needed to be ABC to attract and date beautiful, high quality women, otherwise forget it loser! If that wasn't bad enough, your peers, male siblings, relatives, friends all joined in the Loser's Parade and reinforced this negative conditioning within your sub-conscious mind.

    Now, similarly if you are too super human, too confident, too indifferent, etc- then you were manipulated either directly or indirectly, through false conditioning as well that the assholes, the players, the hustlers, the pimps, the badboys, the super-cool guys on the Harley who just don't give a F-----K ride away with the hottie!

    See when you convey too much confidence, it acts as overkill and will telegraph to a woman that you must be insecure or more insecure than that which you are displaying because you are out of line with the natural equilibrium of having both strengths and weaknesses. You will also cause her to see "red alert" signs everywhere because she will see you as just a man on a mission to score notches on your belt and then away you go.

    So bottom line- Too much confidence as suggested through these types of mannerisms or behavioural patterns will both make you appear ungenuine and will also activate a woman's "anti slut defense mechanism"-the built in emotional circuit she has to prevent her from doing anything that will leave her feeling cheap and slutty such as giving you the time of day.

    Got it big guy!

    Remember.....You need to learn to be real, organic, genuine---Freakin' HUMAN

    That is the MOST confident thing you can do.

    You can still tease her, act indifferent to her, create sexual tension by using push/pull strategies but you need to also be comfortable wth yourself to show your weaknesses, your instinctual human emotions, responses, reflexes.

    That's right!.....You can be genuine in this manner and need to be, to ATTRACT a woman...contrary to the false notions taught by many others.

    As a final section to this article, here are 3 ways to properly exhibit confident to sexually attract and seduce beautiful, high quality women:

    *Mark these down and live by them each and every time you interact with a woman.

    By the way all that I teach, I have practiced, still do practice and have experienced massive success in doing so, Yes this stuff is 100% field-tested!

    1. As an opener or conversation starter...You can walk up to a woman and say:

    "I couldn't help it....or I just couldn't resist but one of my weaknesses is a woman with a great style and I had to come up to you"

    See how you are telling her that you are human, have a weakness ( a woman with a great style and energy) and that you couldn't control yourself?

    How raw, pure, and genuine is that? That is what confidence is all about brother!

    You can also add a bit of the superman stuff to that, afterwards by saying.

    "I gotta tell you, you did catch my eye...but I really wanted to come up and speak with you, to see if you could hold my interest".

    Do you see how you are challenging her, simultaneously?

    This Superhuman-Clark approach is the way it should be.

    I'll give you a great a Spanish Movie or Italian Movie ---Notice how the male protagonist or lead male actor will just walk up to a woman and say

    "Bella....I couldn't resist myself....couldn't take it no more...You were driving me crazy....I had to come over and talk to you. I am Gianni. Please have an espresso with me...!"

    Please translate my "Oscar worthy" dialogue )) into Spanish or Italian to get the full effect okay!

    Another sub-example of the movie example!

    Check out ....the movie "Dot the I" (One of the best movies I have seen) and observe how one of my favourite actors "Gael Garcia Bernal" acts so impulsive, passionate and completely "riding on instinct" as he is pursuing the female lead or love interest Ironically he gets her to leave her husband for him.

    Now, If you've seen the movie, you know what the twist is towards the end of it, however my point is that----He was genuine and raw with his emotions----wasn't cocky, or indifferent and not only did he attract a gorgeous woman, but got one that was married.

    2. Remember this- humility is ultra-powerful, more so than too much confidence. Ever see an interview with Tom Cruise, Leonardo Di Caprio, Christiano Rinaldo-United Soccer Star? If you tell them they are sex symbols, or can get any women they want, or are the best representatives for their particular field---They will always say

    "No....I am just like everyone else...doing my
    job...however that is nice of you to say that...thanks!"

    Even when they are asked of their financial or personal accomplishments, they are really low key and humble about them. This is why women find then attractive!

    Remember there is nothing more confident than creating a rumble but also being humble.

    Do you guys feel how much more powerful that is than pulling a Meagan Fox and saying "I am sexier than Angelina Jolie?"

    See those men and women in the world that are the "top dogs" in their field and believe me they know it....never elucidate it or inflate the facts.....but rather insinuate them through humility

    When your slient..You are violent...but when you are are weak.

    I'll give you another example....from a great flick..."American Gangster"

    Recall, Denzel telling one of his flamboyantly dressed, ultra confident, pimp-wannabe relatives

    "The one in the room who is the the weakest"

    Makes a lot of sense now doesn't it, gentlemen?

    Okay moving on to the 3rd and final real world example...

    3.When you need to demonstrate leadership and dominance over other men as you need to , to demonstrate higher social value than them to attract the object of desire(The woman you have your eyes on), instead of trying to act super-macho, act humble and almost charitable towards them...Treat them like your younger brothers or employees ----Not as your sub-ordinates to be disrespected.

    For instance....instead of "Trying to out do...outshine....out perform" the other men in the vicinity where your girl is standing and waiting for her prince charming, which once again will come across like a form of manipulation to attract her, just be cool, relaxed, warm and humble....yet dominant and a leader amongst men.

    Let me give you an example to demonstrate the difference

    1. The Wrong way

    Other male:" So what do you do?"

    You: "I own the hottest restaurant in should have heard of it, if you are a somebody....I am treated like a King by everyone..I mean no other place can compare to it!"... Anyways let me know if you need a job!"

    See how this is just blatantly insulting and dehumanizing to the other male?

    Believe it or not, most men are convinced that belittling someone else like this raises their value..even the other males who are trying to own them or out do them for the girl. This is the wrong frame of mind to have .

    Reaction of the women: What an insecure douchbag!

    2 The Right Way

    Other male: "So what do you do?"

    You: Well big guy...I own a restaurant ....I hope you've heard of it..called..ABC..If not then because I am generous to my brothers as much as I am to my sisters(referencing to the women in the set) you should pop by ... drinks are on me....for the first time....Also, if you come by and I can't talk for a long time, it is only because I am well known as I do build alot of relationships with people.... so please forgive me"

    Reaction of the women: What an alpha, confident, generous man! I want him!

    So I hope you guys can see and feel the difference between being unnaturally too sure of yourself and being genuine and HUMAN! --qualities indicative of real confidence.The former repels women and the latter will put them under your spell.



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    Good stuff. I hope to be showing you guys how to get real confidence in the next few days.. my friends from are going to releasing their ground breaking program this month. I've been out with these guys many times, and they are arguably the best in the world. Don't believe the hype about some of the so called 'best', these guys are the best.

    Stay tuned.


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