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    Dreamz Guest

    Arrow Going on my 10th year as a PUA

    Hi guys

    I've followed the site for some time, and decided to start posting here when PUA Bill wrote me through my site attraction and connection building.

    My real name is Anders, and I'm a professional trainer, speaker and coach. I mainly train sales-people and host pickup bootcamps and 1-on-1 coaching of guys in pursuit of social success - yeah, you got that right, I'm a pickup coach.

    My journey into PUA-dom began in 1999 as I stumbled upon the good old outlook newsgroup Alt Seduction Fast, before it grew mainstream. Since then I have 'frequented' more women than I can remember; I have been in several STR's and LTR's; I used the skills I have learned to cruise through one of the best NLP educations in the world with 'above and beyond' merits; I quit my job to start up as a professional coach; I wrote an e-book about how to combine the most powerful coaching skills with my favorite PU tactics, and I just generally feel great.

    I know my sh1t, and as a result:

    I hardly ever approach, I get approached.
    I hardly ever go for the close, I let them close me.

    Look forward to contributing fresh insights and share my experiences with you guys.


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    Her Fantasy Guest


    Wow! I bet you got some stories to tell my friend!

    Where do you live? I would love to watch you work.


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