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    Default HELP - Fashion Advice!

    Yo - looking for fashion tips. Any advice?

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    A Dark Wash Jean
    Throw away your Levis 501s you need a pair of Diesel Jeans. Boot fit or straight cut is fine just make sure they fit all the way down to the bottom of your trainer or shoe. Extra points if the bottom of the jean drags along the ground and frays when you’re wearing your retro trainers.

    You need two or three shirts that are slim fit, even if you are not slim the point is that when tucked into trousers the shirt tapers in and looks clean. Shirts with acres of material puffed out like a tutu are bad.
    You may have to try a few different brands until you find one that fit’s nice, then buy a couple of different colours or patterns in that fit. For me Jaeger Slim Fit work perfect.

    Cool Polo
    This summer pink is still in but yellow is the new pink, and for those of you who are still wearing that Ralph Lauren polo shirt you’ve had for 10 years you’re in look because they are back in, however you need to upgrade to a smart new one. Cool polo shirts look good with Jeans. Don’t wear polo shirts tucked into your Jeans. The girl you’re thinking of chatting up… that’s how her dad wears them.

    Big Print T Shirts
    Look for well fitting T shirts that are not baggy, choose good quality cotton. Extra points if it looks slightly worn even though it’s brand new. A must is some sort of design on the front.

    If you were a big fan of Top Gun and bought the RayBan’s then find them, they’re retro cool. Big sunglasses are in, personally I still think a pair of Oakleys or Police are the ones to go for.

    There’s only one thing to wear on you’re feet at the beach and that’s flip flops. In fact if it’s hot and you’re wearing shorts in any situation flip flops are the footwear to go for. Trainers on bare feet do not look cool. If you’re Australian you’ll already have this angle covered.

    Whatever you do, don’t buy shorts with an elasticated waist band. The band will cut into your waist and you’ll get a slight overhang. The likes of QuickSilver and Billabong do surf shorts with a non-elastic waist.

    Retro Trainers/Sneakers
    All star trainers are back in, in fact think retro. You may have a pair of running trainers and the only time you should be wearing them is when you’re running. Think Adidas retro styles and you’ll be fine.

    Basically you need two belts a smart black leather one for your trousers, and a brown leather retro belt with detailing for your jeans. If you wear Jeans with no belt stop now, it looks bad.

    A sports jacket will ALWAYS enhance your look in any situation where it is not overly warm to wear it.

    You can get away with one pair of black leather slip on shoes. It’s worth going for a name such as Church’s, women really notice shoes.

    ROCK ON!

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