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    romeo7 Guest

    Default advice on long lost Japanese friend pickup. I'm all ears.

    Hey guys,

    I'm going to be honest here, in the hope of learning from the wisdom of others.

    I'm 20, and meeting two Japanese sisters. 10 years ago we all went to the same primary school in LA, and although I've been friends with the one who is same age as me, I've always been attracted to the older sister who is about 8 months my senior.
    Fast forward 2009, we've planned a reunion in Kyoto. Although her English is not fluent, I don't think we'll get lost in translation.

    I'm wondering what tips or stratergies I should have going in at least getting a kiss? (I haven't had a GF or been kissed. honest.)

    From what I've read so far:
    -be playful
    -don't pre-occupied with 'the goal'
    -be teasing, show sexual attraction then pull away, then show again, then away etc.

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    Hey romeo,

    First off, I am not gonna lie. It's gonna be tough running any sort of game for the first time on a girl that you place this high up on the social ladder. I can tell you are coming at this from a place of her being elevated in value above you.

    First - right now - you need to consider her just another girl. You may like her, but frankly a lot can happen in 10 years. She might not be that girl of your dreams anymore.

    Second - you need to get some more experience under your belt. I would go out and approach and become comfortable with more women ASAP. Try to find a mentor or a wingman. My friend Geo and I NY once took a decent guy out in NY and critiqued him. He had most of the skills and the right frame of mind and was decent looking - but he had just a few minor issues (I think he was talking way to fast, seeking approval and not maintaining good body language (and eye contact)). After a few times in set, we helped him and he became 100% better. So find someone better and have them critique you when talking to a woman.

    Third - you should not be thinking about kissing this girl. You will know if it is supposed to happen and then it just will. Look at the situation like it is going to be fun to flirt and tease her and as an opportunity to practice some of your dhv stories or games. If you think of this as any more than that, you are just elevating her too high and placing too much value on her.

    Remember - she is just another girl. If there is one thing I learned... there are thousands and thousands of amazing women out there.

    Lastly - have fun. The journey is everything.


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    romeo7 Guest


    Hey thank you.

    I think I had One-itis

    Just one last thing:
    She requested me to bring her favorite Oreo Cookies that she can't get in Japan.
    I'm thinking about buying them and bringing them over. But when she asks, I pretend I forgot (maybe act really stressed out that I forgot, or pretend I didn't know). And then later, out of the blue, ask her to buy some milk and then bring them out.

    Is this a good strategy?

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    Admiting one-itis is the first step. Second - it's ok to bring her the cookies.. but its gotta be on your terms. Like - he listen, I know you can't get these here so I am doing you a huge favor cause you seem like a cool girl.... but it's gonna cost ya.

    Then trade the cookies for a guided tour of her city, or a night out on the town, or something exciting.


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