Just moved to a new city with a ton of hot women. I had my pick where I moved from, partially due to my finely-honed PUA training from years before, plus the fact that I was a member of a very popular local band. I found it strikingly easy to close (go figure)

Anyway, I needed a change for reasons having nothing to do with chicks, so I recently moved to another large city which happens to be filled with hot bunnies. I figured I'd pick up right where I left off...WRONG-O No band fame here...these chicks don't know me from Adam. I just can't seem to get it going! Only been here 2 weeks and been out on the town at least 10 times already...no scores...dude I hardly open my mouth! I got accustomed to NOT having to use PUA ninja tactics to get women...now I'm rusty and kinda off my game.

Here's my specific issues:

  • I only seem to want to talk to 9s-10s (ignoring all the ripe 6s-8s I could be shagging easily)
  • I only actually went at one woman (a 10+++) and got a number...A WRONG ONE! MAJOR ego bruiser
  • Money's a little funny...plus my ride is 9yrs old and kinda banged up...not necessarily filling me with swagger
  • In the club I can't seem to catch an inhibitions-lowering alcohol buzz to save my life (yet wake up hung over the next day)

Yeah I realize it's only been 2 weeks but I'm off to a rough start here! Definitely not desperate yet by any stretch, but I once could number-close up to 10 a night in my prime PUA days, and didn't even need to use the mojo when I was in the band. I could move back but F-- that, this won't get the best of me.

Clearly I need a PUA refresher so I KNOW I'm on the right website...but I guess I need to be pointed to the right thread/community that speaks to someone who is in my particular circumstance...what should I be reading on here?