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    Default Dream Tease to Women

    I'm new to this and have been learning "on the job" so to speak. I met this girl and I've been talking to her on the phone. I have a date with her next week. I was working on teasing to build up some sexual Tension. But I'm in a bit of a bind because I didn't think my next step through and am having a brain freeze.

    Here's the setup. I emailed her today. I started the email off with just regular stuff but then threw in a tease line "You know I had this dream about you last night." I knew this would raise her curiosity and make her want to know what the dream was about. The problem is, what do I tell her it was about? I don't want to say something like "we were having sex" or anything like that direct. Now in my conversations with me she has made sexual innuendos like saying she has a "catholic girl outfit" and that she "really enjoys sex".

    I think my tease was a good idea because she is dying to know what the dream was about and the fact that I haven't told her yet is building the suspense even more, but I have to come up with something good at this point.

    Any suggestions???

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    I have to say, you sound like every other guy (or chump out there) with this line. Not trying to put you down, but trying to inspire you. What would brad pitt or someone of super high value text her? Maybe something like (describing your dream) "You and I were making out, and I decided to stop because things were getting to hot and you became all crazy on me and I had to actually make you leave. Are you sure you sure you can control yourself around me?"

    Or something.

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    That was a little bit mean don't ya think?

    I mean he is just a beginner here. Maybe you can give feedback in a less direct, more constructive way?

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