Yo wassup, I'll try to keep this one short. So this girl I've known since i graduated highschool 3 years ago. We knew eachother because of my friend, and I havent seen her since i graduated. I saw her at this party and she was so enthusiastic to see me. She was drunk do and I made sure she knew I was in to her with my eye contact and sexual voice, but i was drunk as well so it was easy to be like that. I saw her the next week at another party and damn we only talked for like 2min but she had already wrapped her body around me. She looks at me with dem eyes like she wants to be alone but I was leaving. i messaged her on fb, no big deal really, she still seems into me but shes the kind of girl to cut guys loose like shes catching tiny fish. I'm gonna see her this weekend at another party and i want to close the deal: idgaf about getting laid but making real connections. (and getting laid ;o)

I know the answers, but your guys feedback really helps and I would like to know my next step.

I love all you on puaforums