Today is Feb 14th. A great time to go meet your best girl and do all the romantic stuff and enjoy yourself.

However Feb 15th is like THE "PUA holiday", especially in 2013, because it falls on a Friday night this time around.

I don't even need to tell you a "how" really with this post, only a "why"

For those of you new to the game, and even some old timers you probably realize that about 75% of hot chicks sleep with about 25% of guys (made up on the spot statistic but it holds true roughly). The hottest women tend to go with the most attractive and valuable men in whatever forms they come in. Be it looks, money or status, or players, pimps and puas. The top 25% take up the majority of hot young women.

Now that said, on Valentines day emotional stimulation turns from its standard fare in to a social frame as well. Which that is what all attraction is, emotional stimulation, sexual arousal, and social frame mixed and calibrated. But anyway Valentines day becomes a DEMANDED social frame WITH emotional stimulation for women, especially these hottest women. A lot of them get stood up because their guy can only be in 1 place at 1 time and these women tend to be with guys who have several women on the line.

Now if you have a couple fuck buddies, or a long term relationship, plus a girl on the side, this can be a problem obviously. But it is a quality problem, not a real problem haha. Myself, I always just go to my "favorite girl" in this situation and let the chips fall where they may as far as anger from the other girls goes.

An angry woman is a good thing anyway when it comes to romance or jealousy, it means they are freaking out, losing frame, and seeing you as a prize. You can always recover from that, when a chick plain doesn't give a fuck that you didn't come over for Valentines day, then you've got a mess.

However when single, (or when looking to cheat),

Enter "rebound day", I really am not sure if I named it that or not, I don't think I did, but I have been singing its song for ages in the pickup community.

There are a TON of heartbroken/socially bonked/socially re-framed to feel like losers chicks out on Feb 15th. Remember it will be the hottest chicks in general out there who are like this. Plus a few professionals or herds (hot nerds) who were alone because they are plain single on Valentines day, who are now out trying to hook up to re-validate themselves.

This year, with Feb 15th falling on a Friday, they will be out in the club scene.

You can hit them with a little more emotional stimulation than usual, and won't have to worry about social frame quite as much, aka they will be happy to be being hit on, enough that even poor game can be let through the door here and there.

I got laid as a scrub new pua several times with this, and have gotten exceptional women who usually aren't in the clubs at all on Feb 15th other times. It really is the best day of the year to go out, even better than Halloween really. It isn't as fun as Halloween game wise, but it is easier pickup with different women than usual.

By the way for you "wretching" and getting all uncomfortable about the concept of exploiting this,

A. Fucking get over yourself Jim from American Pie, Jesus, women probably don't even notice you enough for you to emotionally devastate them if you don't act like an AFC all the time, they will be OK I assure you.

B. Also chicks need you to fuck them and re-validate that they are hot tomorrow night. Or if you suck, sit there and tell them they are awesome, or make out with the and re-validate them without fucking them, whatever the case, the clubs are gonna be bumping, you should get out there even if it wasn't Rebound day.