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Thread: Does anyone read the stupid Yahoo "advice" crap?

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    Default Does anyone read the stupid Yahoo "advice" crap?

    So yahoo (via match dot com) posted a front page story today called: "7 texts that scare men off"

    Do the editors who write this crap have any idea whatsoever what they are talking about??

    Guys who (1) know how to text-game or (2) are in a secure relationship, love these 7 texts because it's a way to be funny, cocky, or flat out set a girl straight.

    Obviously I think that once you are in a relationship, responses can be toned down a bit, but let's be realistic: if you've gotten that far in a relationship and you get "scared" by these texts, then you need to be kicked in the balls repetitively until you say "I will not be conditioned by women to be a sissy."

    Here are some typical responses that, if said in a sarcastic or funny tone, are just 100% acceptable and when used enough can counteract the training that women seem to incessantly do to men.

    In other words, you can use the following as a benchmark to test whether you've been bitch-trained by your girl or not. These ARE MEANT TO BE PLAYFUL (and if she thinks you are serious, and she will blow up on you), but the entire point is, are you confortable enough being cocky-funny to deal with "scary texts" and/or is she secure enough to reciprocate that humor? Texting can be fun and it's probably the best way to condition a woman's mind to allow you to just be funny and be yourself, because you know this is the kind of stuff you are thinking anyway

    Do this stuff long enough, and she will become a fun friend instead of a threat to your existence. Too many guys find the "will" of their woman to be a threat. It doesn't have to be that way.

    Scary text #1: “I can’t stop thinking about you”

    R1 - I know. I'm looking at myself in the mirror right now and hugging myself too.
    R2 - You are like the 5th girl today who has told me that.
    R3 - Cool. Bring me flowers, chocolate, coconut oil, and show me. Be a man.

    Scary text #2: “We need to talk”

    R1 - Oh wonderful. I'm excited. Can we talk about sunsets, flowers, and love also??
    R2 - I can't. I'm pooping.
    R3 - I'll trade you 30 minutes of talking for 30 minutes of baking an apple pie.

    Scary text #3: “OK”

    R1 - Hey. Can you store the word "OK" in your quicktexts, so next time I ask you about the midget threesome, you have an autoresponse ready?

    Scary text #4: “Just saw the cutest pair of shoes”

    R1 - Really? Like OMG. Whoever was wearing them, can ou bring her home for us? Wait, just kidding. Wait, no I'm no. Bring her.
    R2 - Really?? OMG, you have GOT to get me a pair. YAY!!

    Scary text #5: “I feel like we’re stuck in a rut”

    R1 - That's because we didn't use Astroglide. Go get some. I can help you.
    R2 - Me too. Grab the Michael Bolton tape and we can drink wine and cry together.

    Scary text #6: Anything that begins with “My mom said that we should…”

    R1 - Really?? She always said an apple or a blowjob a day keeps the doctor away. BUT YOU DID'T LISTEN TO HER THEN DID YOU??
    R2 - My mom always told me to look both ways before crossing the street. Then she got hit by a bus.

    Scary text #7: “Just ran into/spoke with (insert your ex’s name here)”

    R1 - Can you ask her for my underwear back?
    R2 - Is she still a bitch?
    R3 - Is she still hot?
    R4 - Weird. I'm surprised she is walking after last night.
    - CR

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    Default Re: Does anyone read the stupid Yahoo "advice" crap?


    Some of those are probably a bit "over-the top" with cockiness....

    BUT, if you're in a solid relationship & communicate effectively; there's no reason to be "afraid" of pushing the limits a bit every now & then.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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