Okay guys you kinda know me here still a newby and all that but I am learning a lot about my inner game but recently realized I have been neglecting my outer game. So I just joined the Gym and began weight training but am also progressively working on improving myself this year. Well at least I met my New Year's Resolution.

So to get to the topic at hand, how do you approach women? Well I am sure most of you guys already know most of this by now but just wanted to offer some fresh insight. Now I personally love all the PUA Gurus like Tyler Durden, David Wygant, etc. It gets me pumped up for going out and also gave me the courage to first start approaching with confidence. So I developed a bit of a guide for aspiring, seasoned, and veteran PUA's. Hope you enjoy!

Having Reservations
Starting out guys if you have never approached or are still new to approaching my suggestion is to have some reservations. I did and it saved me a lot of pain and hassle in the long run. What I mean is if you are new then don't break into a full sprint by trying to K-close, extend interactions, pulling girls, etc. The only reason I have been able to pull a girl from one side of the Club (HB8) to the other is because I have some experience in pick up. So far I got my approaches up to about 19 since I started last year and had a lot of poor outcomes from this but oh well I am just now starting to have fun with it.

Going Full Speed
Now that I am more seasoned to pick up I can pull girls more easily, almost K-closed, do light kino without creeping them out, and am continually working on overcoming aa. The thing about kino is you can't do it unless it feels natural so you should save this for when it feels natural so you don't get the look of death. I wanted to break down some levels of self-improvement and general goals for you guys since a lot fo stuff in the PUA community thinks you can just break into a full sprint as a newby and let me tell you first hand you can't! I have suffered the worst pain and rejection doing things that felt unnatural, aggressive, etc.

Aspiring PUA's Level 1 "Beginner" I am still at this stage myself
1. Approaches HB6's-10's
2. Very Light Kino "shoulder taps, hand holding, hugs, etc"
3. N-closes
4. Flirting
But that's it for newbies!

Seasoned PUA Level 2 "Intermediate" I am experimenting here but will try to get better this year
1. K-Closes
2. Pulling in the Club (Away from friends, other guys, etc) Not pulling from the Club home with you though!
3. Heavy Kino (Makeout sessions, groping, fondling, etc)
4. Teasing

Veteran PUA Level 3 "Advanced" This will take me a couple years to get here (Newbies should not attempt of will suffer great harm thorugh self-esteem and probably shame)
1. F-closes
2. Pulling from the Club home with you
3. Push-Pull mechanic (Convey Interest but display reserved notions about being the selector and putting her on the spot about being good enough for you)
4. Hot & Cold (Played like a Boss to increase buying tempature)
5. Qualifying (Walking away from a girl who doesn't hold your interest or isn't worth your time, asking qualifying questions, questioning her willingness to commit)

Now this mini guide is mostly for the Club and Night game since day game is a whole other realm of pick up that would be completely different in terms of your approaches, mentality, responses, etc.

But since I mostly have experience in the Club I am using what I have learned. But this year I will be branching out to Day Game and fully exerting myself in that area as well to become a well rounded PUA.

Now even though I am still a beginner PUA I have already played the Alpha Male by being successful in the Level 2 stage but however still feel like a Level 1 PUA. I mainly created this because I wished the Gurus and stuff would have not forgotten their students and remembered some have never approached before or are new to approach but they still displayed what "they" learned as a newly revised PUA Veteran and a lot of their knowledge comes from Trial and Error and also experience.

Learning the Hard Way
This is why I say take this lesson and all PUA Lessons with a grain of salt and don't take anything as written in stone or as gold. Do what works for you, try new things, and don't depend on other's success to get you success that only you can achieve. This is where disappointment and frustration sets in when we rely to much on other people's ideas to get us far when that is what worked for them. The reason I made this is because by following these steps I laid out you will have a layout of progression so you are not stuck left feeling too overwhelmed by AA, too embarssed by an unnatural kino session, etc.

Having the Right Mindset
Approaching for a N-close is easy peasy. Approaching for an F-close? Is hard work this is why you have to have a different attitude for whatever your goal is for said set or target. Now a F-close could be your target for a next girlfriend since I usually view my potential F-closes that way or however you choose. I just approached for a F-close and got shut down hard and it hurt my mojo so I cowered back all AFC like with no comeback. I should not have attempted this because I was swimming in the wrong territory. This is why if you follow my guide you will have more fun by not over thinking it but also pushing yourself just enough to learn in a comfortable emotional state. Then when each level becomes super easy move to the next. When you get to the last level set some goals for yourself and where you want to go.

Taking Steps
But mostly I wanted to share this because I had to learn a lot of this stuff step by step. So take it from me don't go out there thinking you can F-close on your first night out since even if you do you will still not look cool in my eyes. I only respect the F-closes that wasn't all about the seduction & escalation but more about the attraction. I have heard F-closes on here like that and it disappoints me a little. Why? Because that's not pick up. It's not pick up if you F-close a girl by seducing her/escalating it or overcoming LMR. It is pick up when you attract her to the point she can longer resisit you and is invested in the outcome. So have a little heart and go with the flow by sticking to your guns and going with each Level unto you feel more comfortable then move up and once you get there the sky is the limit.

Building Attraction
The reason I prefer building attraction over escalation or seduction is because attraction opens up so many things for you (Chemistry, Spark, etc.) Women love these things and even if you can escalate without Chemistry or Spark you won't last long, it will be shallow, she will flake, or interest levels will drop. Now I still think escalation is good because there is a time and place for everything but I wanted for the sole purpose of this guide to focus on the attraction building aspect. You see attraction is a very powerful force and if you can work it to your advantage it will be far better for your self-esteem than being able to F-close a bunch of women. Attraction is like magic when I have successully built it I felt like the girls couldn't resist me and wanted me so bad. This was far better than me having to work for everything (via escalation/seduction). So I suggest using the power of attraction to your best advantage since this game is a battle of wits not just balls.