For all the pua's that are starting out or for the ones who still have issues with self confidence I'll tell you what helped me tons. When I used to approach girls I would have a million thoughts buzzing through my head like what if she doesn't like me or what if I say something stupid. Obviously thinking these thoughts takes away lot of the fun that comes with talking to girls! Also if you start worrying what a girl thinks or anyone else you start to change who YOU are in a negative way! You start to become molded by other people, and screw that there's enough spineless guys in this world so don't be one. I would rather attract the ladies being me with all my sarcasm, humor, and charm than trying to change so she'll like me. Anyway! Here's what changed my Outlook on worrying about what people think. I realized I'm at a point in my life where the pros of having sex with a hot girl or starting a relationship with one far FAR outweighs the cons of getting socially rejected. I love going out and saying the stupidest stuff and watching girls still eat it up and like me because in reality if you believe in yourself and act congruent with your personality the chances of you failing are almost non existent and you'll be having fun. So go out and have fun, and don't worry what anyone else thinks!