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    Hello everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself, 26 year old male from Houston Texas. Never had too much problem with women just tend to get Approach Anxiety all the time. Need to improve on that so I joined to get tips/tricks of the trade.

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    Bebop - let me personally welcome you. While I always feel that I can learn.. I consider myself some what of an expert at meeting and attracting women. Sounds pretty boastful, and I think arrogance is very unattractive, but it also is honest.

    So for you, your main issue is Approach Anxiety. Well, we ALL have felt it.. and to be honest I feel it during my first open each time I go out. Wanna know how I fix that? Well I actually do bad on purpose the first set. Just to feel the failure. It is very empowering.

    Here are the rules tho:

    1. Do not EVER make the girl feel bad about herself.
    2. Do not offend the girl(s).
    3. It is better to approach multiple girls.. it will burn more.

    The larger the burn.. the more effective it will be.

    I walked up to a super hot girl with her friends and said
    PUA Bill - "Do you like bunnies?'
    HB9 - "Sure..."
    PUA Bill - "Nice. Wanna know why I like bunnies? (look at her seductively) <pause>"
    HB9 - "...uhm... sure... why? (looking kinda irritated)"
    PUA Bill - "Because... <pause> I like to fuck them. (smile)"

    THIS 100% OF THE TIME GETS YOU BLOWN OUT. And guess what... it is funny to get blown out that bad. You feel the worst that it can feel... total rejection. There is something empowering about feeling how bad it can get. And I will tell you what... you will NOT get blown out that bad the rest of the night for sure.. so you have nothing to lose now.

    After that, you begin to establish what my friends call social momentum. After a few sets where you get blown out on purpose.. then you try whatever game you prefer (I like Direct Game)... and you will get more and more comfortable as you gain social momentum.

    Try it.... it works.



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