I apologize in advance for the lengthy story but i feel that it's necessary backstory. I've lived in hollywood for about 5 years now and have had some experiences with woman but i've never really sarged. I read The Game about a year ago and have had a couple successful moments because of it. The truth is, i dont really like the idea of picking up women. It's always rubbed me the wrong way. Not because i think there's anything wrong with it but i personally would never go anywhere to intentionally pick up a woman. I'm not necessarily interested in becoming a PUA.

That being said, the reason i've come to you guys is because i've met my dream girl. I'm serious, she is my paradigm of what i consider to be my type. I would like to channel everything i've learned about the game into her. She's incredibly attractive, i'd say HB9.2, and i saw her at a pizza place one day with two of my friends. We all noticed her immediately but we didnt approach her as she was already in the process of getting hit on by the guy that worked in the pizza place. She left and i thought i'd never see her again.

Weeks later, i was walking down the blvd with a different friend and we both noticed an unbelievably attractive woman walk out of a hair salon. It was my dream girl. I nearly freaked out. Here she was again and i was compelled to talk to her but i didnt because she sounded busy on the phone. The rest of the way home i kept thinking about her and was getting mad at myself until my friend reminded me that i now knew where she worked. So, for the next two weeks i would pass by the salon hoping to catch a glimpse of her flawless beauty even if it was only through a window.

I saw her maybe twice and never had the courage to walk in there and talk to her. Two days ago I started working at this job and i was in desperate need of a shave and a haircut. So i shaved and decided i would get a haircut on my way to my other job. The hair salon that my dream girl works at just happened to be the closest place to me and i was on a time constraint. I am being sincere when i say that i had no intentions of going in there just to see her or run game on her or anything like that, I honestly just needed a haircut and was kind of hoping not to see that which would never be mine.

I was almost at the hair salon when i noticed two women coming from around the corner. One of those girls was my dream girl. I tried to hide the fact that my heart almost flew out of my mouth and casually walked by them. I purposefully avoided looking at her as she passed me by. Just then a car full of alphas pulls up and they all try their best to charm this gorgeous creature. "screw it", i thought "it's hopeless" and i walked into the salon.

Upon entering the hair salon i noticed that there was only one person cutting hair. The owner came out from the back and told me to take a seat and he informed me that two girls just left to pass out fliers but that they should be returning shortly. I knew exactly who those two girls were. I had just saw them outside, maybe she will be the one that ends up cutting my hair. "forget it, man" i said to myself "even if she does come back in time she probably won't be the one to cut your hair". I went outside to smoke a cigarette while i awaited my fate. The owner came outside to reassure me that the two girls will be back any minute and just as he finished talking i noticed that the two girls in question were right behind him. They came back from passing out fliers and my dream girl and i locked eyes. The owner told her to cut my hair as soon as i was finished smoking. She went inside, my heart was beating so fast.

I could write 30 pages on the hour i spent in her chair but i'll cut to the point. It was really easy conversation, she was really cool, my same age and she kept saying and asking things that if i didn't know any better would say were IOIs. Things like "are you seeing anyone?" and "how old are you?" and "what are you doing for the weekend?" I wasn't sure if she was really interested or if she was just doing what she always does to men who walk in there. To be fair, I am not the ugliest guy in the world. I am actually more on the handsome side as many have told me but i was not about to assume that this hb9 was interested.

At one point the back of my head bumbed into her massive boobs by accident. She giggled and didnt seem to mind. I didnt even acknowledge what i had just done, pretending that nothing happened. She told me that her boobs were real and even asked if i was straight. Then when she started talking about going out and dancing i decided to force myself to ask her out. It took me ten minutes to work up the courage to say "if you ever get off work and want to do something you should let me know. I live right up the street." it sounded really stupid and sloppy to me but she smiled delightfully and said "yeah, sure" I asked her if she was on Facebook because i didnt want to ask for her number but then she said "the business cards dont have out personal numbers on them so i'll just give you my cell phone number before you leave. Lights and fireworks were going off inside me.

She finished cutting my hair and actually took a picture of me afterwards and said she never usually takes any pics of the guys she works on as they are usually "too ugly". I got her number and went to give her a half hug when she stood and presented herself to give me a full hug. I shifted to full hug and said "you're really cool, it was awesome meeting you." "you are too" she said with her sexy smile and i left.

I texted her that night so she'd have my number. I told her we should kick it sometime and she said maybe on the weekend. This was wednesday night. It is now Friday. I need help guys. Serious help, i'm pleading with everyone because that's how important she is to me. I DO NOT want to screw this up.

What should i do from here? When/What should i text her? Should i even text her? Should i wait? she gets off work at 9pm. I don't even know where to take her or what to do. More importantly If i actually get her to go out with me what are some tips to ensure this goes smoothly. I'm not interested in sleeping with her anytime soon. Just a kiss close from my dream girl would be enough to keep me ecstatic for weeks.

Please respond with anything at all you feel might benefit me, thanks in advance