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    Joker Guest

    Default The 5 myths men have about women

    Here are 5 of the most common myths and why you should never believe them. If you believe any of these... it will hurt your chances of success.

    Myth #1- Women want attractive men

    Probably the biggest myth about women is how they only want attractive men. While women CLAIM they want a tall, dark and handsome guy, this is far from the truth. Typically they want a guy who can demonstrate an alpha male personality.

    Unlike men, women hold looks to be less important then personality and confidence. If you can be interesting and exciting around a woman, then you'll discover that a lack of looks won't affect your success
    with her.

    Myth #2- Women of beauty don't want you

    Another common myth is the belief that it's impossible to date a beautiful woman. Just remember that no matter what you look like, you CAN attract a hot girl.

    The problem is most guys don't know how to handle an attractive woman. Here's how most guys handle themselves around a pretty girl…

    They see an attractive woman and immediately receive warm fuzzy feelings about her. Because of her looks, a guy will automatically give her higher status by showing attraction and interest.

    The truth is ALL beautiful women are used to being given higher status. Your goal is to demonstrate that you're equal or higher status then her. By presenting yourself as an "exciting catch" you'll discover it's possible to attract a beautiful woman.

    Myth # -3- Women only want guys who bring them on fancy dates and buy expensive gifts

    Many guys think the ONLY way to attract a woman is to bring her on a fancy date and buy her expensive gifts. Unfortunately, this does nothing to attract women.

    Rather then trying to use logic to impress a girl, you should on building attraction and using your personality to make a woman interested in you.

    Myth # -4- Women want guys to agree with them

    A lot of guys think one way to impress a woman is to agree with everything she says. The problem by acting like a supplicating guy, they're actually demonstrating lower-status behavior.

    The truth is women LIKE guys who are challenging. By agreeing with everything a woman says, you'll end up looking like a lower status guy who doesn't have enough backbone to stand up for himself. Instead of acting like a wussy, you need to present yourself as a challenge and somebody who isn't afraid to be yourself around women.

    Myth # -5- Women will NEVER like me and there is nothing I can do about it

    The final myth is another common belief that many guys have. Many men think that there is no way they can make improvements on their skills with women.

    The reality is YOU do have the ability to increase your success with women. But first you must have an absolute belief in your ability to learn and implement basic attraction building techniques.

    Just remember that you have the ability to control your success with women. If you make it a point to work on this area of your life, you'll discover it's easy to rapidly increase your skills with women.

    So there you have it...

    The 5 myths men have about women!

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    Sniper NYC Guest


    "Myth #2- Women of beauty don't want you"

    This has been my sticking point. I just don't feel good enough for a real attractive women. Anyone else ever feel not worthy? I know it is about giving myself permission to be with a beautiful woman, so I need to work on that sticking point.

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