So I spontaneously came up with this technique. I'm sure someone's thought of it before but I thought I'd share.

I was flirting with this girl at work, HB8, then we had a "fight," then I said, "Baby I can't be away from you let's get back together. Actually let's get married."

She laughed and was like, "Wow you're smooth."

I was like, "Yeah, that's what all my other wives say too."

BIG laugh.

So I've pretty much kept this going and added another girl in on it that I'm friends with at work. Always saying how their my wives or even in my "harem." I generally think the wives thing works better though, I do kinda feel like I'm right on the line when I say "harem." Interested what you guys think about this.

But HB8 canceled on us meeting up today and said she was real sorry (via text) and I'm like, "You better be sorry, I might have to demote you from 1st wife."

Response, "hahaha, you're funny."

So I think it has basically the perfect Tension that you're always going for. Yes, you're interested but there's all these other girls that could replace her any second. I always like saying shit like that with a cheeky smile and it just generally goes with my personality, a little fun, goofy but a healthy dose of cocky thrown in there.