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    Default Making approaches that "work"

    So guys I am playing around with some ideas but wanted to take another approach to approaching women. I have come up with a new method and I am going to be trying this out a lot here soon to see how I can tweak it or see if it pans out.

    Number Flakes
    This happens to me a lot so I wanted to address this issue. Basically I keep getting girls flaking on me. Since this is an issue I think the only way it can be corrected is either successfully playing the phone game or getting down your approaches. I am going to be focusing on getting down my approaches over the course of the year so let's go with that.

    Approaches "How To"
    Now instead of closing within the first 5 min try this. Basically girls will often walk away after the first 5 min due to various reasons so this is where I usually close but wanted to veer away from that.

    The Bounce
    Going for the bounce after hitting that 5-10 min mark is going to be my next objective. What does a # get me anyway? Usually nothing. So to correct this only use N-closing as a last resort. Because even the chicks that were totally into me still don't call back.

    Going for the Bounce
    This opens up many things for you. If you are at a Bar, Club, Water Park, Local City Holiday Event (St Paddy's Day Parade) you can get rid of the potential ****blockers that will foil your plans. This will allow you to Isolate giving you higher success rate of eventually getting the # or make out. You put the game on your playing field by having to lead, keep in state, etc. You will then feel more comfortable because you already have tested Compliance and can now begin qualifying.

    Going for the Make Out
    Yeah been denied quite a bit when going for the K-close and missed a lot of chances when a hot girl tried to kiss me. Basically I suggest waiting unless the moment is right because women keep telling me to "work harder" every time I go for it. Definitely go for the make out if you want sometime during that event.

    Building the attraction
    Once you successfully bounce her, attempt the make out, do Kino, and got a good vibe going I would say go for the "leave with her" mindset. This sets you apart from falling into the trap of trying to set up a date then and there that she will probably say "yes" to but flake later on. Better than waiting a whole day to find out the hard way you can test her Compliance by simply implying you want to leave with her when she's ready. This secures a commitment that can allow you to run more routines before a lot of time passes. This is essential. Just as a side note only go for the # if she turns you down and then see where it goes.

    Not your normal style of pick up but after getting so many flaky women lately I think it's time to change it up and make it happen. Keep in mind guys I will be using this "destruction method" (I am calling it) at the St Paddy's Day Parade and the Club same day. I will post a Pick up field report the following day on the forum so check it out to see how it went with me using the prescribed method I just mentioned.

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    Default Re: Making approaches that "work"

    Bit of advice, with the flaking I have found a good way to reduce it is to get her to Number Close you so to speak. For example when you feel you have some attraction and are looking to eject, end with something like......'so Iv gotta get going, how we going to go about continuing this tho.......' generally if you have built attraction correctly, she will then suggest giving you her number. This way it's like an investment on her part, and she is less likely to flake hope this helps.

    Linking x

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