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Thread: Destruction Mode "The Real Deal"

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    Default Destruction Mode "The Real Deal"

    Now on my Destruction Mode method I would like to discuss something. I got a chance to try it last night! Didn't go as far as I wanted but hey only 1 hot girl in the Club so I had to accept it for what it is.

    What is Destruction Mode?
    Well I will tell you what it is isn't, it isn't about taking the easy way out, or playing it "safe" in fact it is going to be one of the funnest ways to meet women I have come up with yet.

    N-Close vs Destruction Mode
    Should you play it safe after you build attraction, get a K-close, and get to know a little about her then leaving her by ejecting w/N-close?

    My long term goal initially should be an f-close but I forget this when my focal point is getting the number because then I walk away appeased and never figure out why they never call back. It's cuz I am acting like other guys! So be different and take this journey with me and see where I am going with this.

    Lame day game & Weak Sauce Night Game
    I won't say who but I have watched a lot of in field footage of live Day Game and Night Game that is pretty lame. I mean during these guru's instructional boot camps, freetours, etc they are talking mad game, flowing like a white rapper, breaking it down like a pro, etc. But when you see them in action what do you see?

    Lame results. Sure they are K-closing, getting laid, etc but are they cool? Are they a badarse? Mostly not. Now I know I can't cut the cards either so don't think I am implying that I am a badarse either since I got blown out last night but still that is my ultimate goal in learning Pick Up. Is my ultimate goal to get laid and go on dates with hot girls? No but that is a plus. My goal is to become like an ironclad badarse ready for anything and completely everything girls desire and dream of like being totally non-needy, unavailable due to pre-selection, high status, etc.

    The Goal is to become not to be getting some
    These gurus they say to become outcome independant right? Well how can we do that by becoming dependant on the lay? I know I am dependant on it and it hurts my game when I worry about it. So why not screw it and make my main objective about my own perfect vision of a badarse rather than becoming a manwhore who slept with 300 girls I mean who cares? Who cares about the numbers if you are lame, weak, and not the "real deal".

    Ego vs. Self-Esteem
    You could make your personal goal
    A. To go get laid by 300 chicks in the next 5 years (ego boost/no real inner game development)


    B. To get good at becoming yourself and handling difficult situations in Pick Up like handling Logistics, Objections, feeling the vibe, feeding her emotions, acting at the right time, seizing the moment, etc. (Self esteem boost/becoming a badarse)

    Sample Layout of Destruction Mode Theory
    1. Don't N-close unless a very last resort.
    2. Don't K-close unless she is leaning in, laughing, or vibing.
    3. Don't F-close unless going to be a tease to her.

    Now granted you are more than welcome to make your own rules but again I got 11#'s in the last year that went nowhere so it's time for me to stop looking at the stupid numbers and focus on the flipping process!

    The Process of Destruction Mode
    Target acquired you see a hot female and you are ready to pounce. You got 3 seconds to decide if you want to approach. Ask yourself one question "Is she hot enough?" I used this last night to great wonder and perplexity. See 2 set at the bar two cuties I walk by like "Approach, Approach, Approach." but then I was like "But is she hot enough?" Then I kept walking cuz I didn't feel it. Don't pressure yourself into something. Definitely approach the girls you are attracted to but don't convince yourself to like her just to do the approach. I did this last night and the target pushed 2 guys aside to check me out as I was leaving then walked back, epic!

    I then saw a girl I was for sure attracted to and approached in 3 seconds. Now again this was my first night of trying this out and it didn't go as planned because I only got to game 1 girl doing it.

    So I was at the Club and I walked up to a HB9 and was like "Hey you're hot" BAM! It was on and I was into kino within seconds had my arm around her waist, started dancing, got her laughing, leaning into me, then she walked off. A little shook up I made my 2nd approach and usually go for the N-close but in Destruction Mode you must always go for the Bounce before the N-Close and generally before the K-close because you want isolation for K-closes. This HB9 was with a friend and was pushing me away (****blocking) so I knew better than to try that but immediately upon my approach I tried to bounce her.

    Me: Hey come talk to me outside real quick
    Her: I am leaving
    Me: Should have said "No come talk to me and see where it goes then we can leave together" but instead said "Well when can I see you again?"
    Her: No blah blah blah, blow out!

    But that felt so much better than going for the number and getting rejected or going for the number and having the 12th girl not call me back or worse having it go nowhere after talking to her.

    So yeah I was kinda of AFC there I admit but this was my first time doing Destruction Mode which simply works like this

    Approach>Wait for her or you to walk away>Re-approach in 5-10 min>Go for the bounce somewhere in the Venue away from friends>K-close after convo>N-close as an "entry point to leave w/her">Attempt to leave w/her and seduce her in a seduction location.

    or more simply put

    Option 1
    Approach>Part Ways>Re-approach>Bounce in Venue>K-close>N-close>Leave together

    Option 2
    Approach>Attract>Bou nce in Venue>K-close>N-close>Leave Together

    You see how much more static and non-confrontational that is? Go up to a girl and in the first 5 min ask her for the number? Like what no wonder these girls keep blowing me off!

    I created two options there because often girls will walk away or you should walk away and think "Do I like her, is she hot enough?" If the answer is yes then re-approach.

    I will be going out full blast next weekend to a St Paddy's Day Parade and Club same day and will post the field report in the field report section using this method. Wish me luck!

    Also you guys should know by now that now that I can create a vibe with a women with very few words then I can now have a little more freedom progressing to the Intermediate level of pick up and continue to challenge myself this is why what I am proposing to do is very logistically challenging.

    I can N-close like nothing anymore and got that point of fact of my game rock solid but still not getting dates so I need to up my game by focusing on the K-closing since I keep missing opportunities there. This method will allow me to do that by not seeming to needy. It will take time to follow this method this is why I won't seem like a player making out with a bunch of hot girls but rather getting down to the core of my game which is what really matters not all the fluff.

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    Default Re: Destruction Mode "The Real Deal"

    It's great that you found your way of modifying the Game to fit your style. It's important to identify your strengths and use them in a way that allows your abilities to gain you the best desired outcomes.

    We must all remember that we are actually talking about an ancient societal ritual - the art of courting! It's practiced in all human societies and, though the acts may vary, the pattern of the ritual remains virtually the same - attract, comfort, seduce.

    From Wikipedia:

    "Both Moore* and Perper** found that, contrary to popular beliefs, courtship is normally triggered and controlled by women, driven mainly by non-verbal behaviors to which men respond.

    This is generally supported by other theorists who specialize in the study of body language. There are some feminist scholars, however, who regard courtship as a socially constructed (and male-led) process organized to subjugate women."

    *Moore, Monica M. (1985) “Nonverbal courtship patterns in women: contact and consequences” Ethology and Sociobiology, Volume 6, Issue 4, 1985, Pages 237-247

    **Perper, Timothy (1985) Sex Signals: The Biology Of Love, Philadelphia, ISI Press.
    Carpe diem!

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