"Oh, I see you are no stranger to the art of seduction." <-- sh!t test!

and this is how I worked it:

"I do pride myself on quality work. *big smile, playful chuckles* Bitter irony has provided practise through failure."

her response was playfully good, so I continued with:

"It is good that you are well versed in the playful flirting. We'd just be fumbling all over the place if that weren't so.." *hi-5*, Kino, smiles, laughter, we built rapport, on and on we went

So what does everybody think? I think I did a pretty good dhv with the quality work phrase, alluding to that other women have found me attractive to flirt, tossing in a little neg with the fumbling part, but at the same time, painting the picture of us flirting together exceptionally.
However, I'm split on the practise through failure part. Failure is a blatant LHV word, but, like I said, the whole picture painted is that other women have wanted that with me.

Ok, there's my analysis. What does everybody else think?