This post contains advice for men over 40, but is also useful for younger men wishing to experience older women.

We're all familiar with the term "Cougar", but I'll explain it anyway so that we are all on the same page. When referring to pick-ups, a "Cougar" is generally an older woman who is on the prowl for younger men with the intention of engaging them in intimate relations. Cougars are usually age 40 and older, but a cougar may be any woman who is at least 8 years older than her target. Cougars are NOT the older women I will be talking about.

Instead, the women I will refer to are age 35 and older. They are women who are living in the peak of their achievements; most have minor and/or adult children (at home or not), college educations, solid careers, sophistication and failed relationships. Some of these woman will not trust men because of their previous disappointments w/men.

These are the things you need to consider when approaching Older Women:

1) They don't fall for canned pick-up lines and it quickly diminishes you value. Although all women love compliments, Older Women prefer originality and sincerity. Sometimes just a simple handshake and these words, "Hi, my name is Yuri Nexley" is all it takes to get the ball rolling.

2) They already know what you want and will decide if you're a "No Way" or a "Let's wait and see" guy. These women actually want a friend first, then FWB, then LTR/marriage.

Here is were you show a genuine interest in their accomplishments and interests. Older Women, just like older men, seek recognition for their achievements and enjoy talking about it.

3) Talk about their passions. They aren't concerned w/raising kids, finishing college or promotions at work. Many Older Women are emotionally/financially secure, they have the time to spend on leisure activities. They will most likely to be seeking a physically fit partner that has very similar passions.

4) Do NOT talk about yourself TOO MUCH! Don't bring up your EX. Say very little about your kids or your parenting skills unless the Older Woman shows an interest. Older men and women are more concerned w/defining their identities outside of their roles as parents.

5) Don't be TOO Alpha! That's right! Older Women prefer men that are a little vulnerable, but not too much. All women appreciate a man that is emotionally/financially secure, but a little vulnerability assures them that you need them. They don't want to mother you, they just want to feel needed.

6) Let them see your youthful side. That will, in turn, make them feel youthful too and attract her more to you.