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Thread: Oh the Irony!

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    Default Oh the Irony!

    Often now and these days, I happen to pick out more and more things that stand out or go against my philosophy of going for women. There are also times where I find something so incredibly wrong and screwed up that I find it extremely hard to believe that anyone would be willing to swallow that sort of bitter poison.

    The other day, I had one of those moments that actually caused me to stop and think what in the world was going on.

    I was just scrolling through Facebook, bored out of my mind and enjoying my free time, when I saw something incredible. One of my female college friends had posted a quote by Archbishop Fulton Sheen, and it was getting a ton of likes from men and women alike. Here is the quote:

    "When a man loves a woman he has to become worthy of her. The higher her virtue, the more noble her character, the more devoted she is to truth, justice, goodness, the more a man has to aspire to be worthy of her. The history of civilization could actually be written in terms of the level of its women."

    After I read through the entire quote and took it in, I began to laugh my ass off, quite hard too. I laughed over the thought of such a stupid and idiotic philosophy that could only lie in the mind of either a control freak of a woman or the most desperate of men.

    And then I began to think about the mechanics behind it more. I began to think about its association to me, women, men, the entire game even. I thought, and I came to some interesting conclusions.

    I used to hold this philosophy before I got involved with the game. I used to think that I had to demonstrate constantly that I was a man of great standing and on her level, that I had to prove myself to her that I was worthy of her. What happened every time? I attracted the same girls that I could never match up with, and I repulsed the same girls that I wished to be with.

    This philosophy reflects the feminist views on life that have lived for a long time now. Female dominance has overrun society, and men no longer hold an advantage. Everything is now centered around making sure she is okay, that she is happy and her rights are not being violated. Most men are now so afraid of offending women that they can no longer take risks with them.

    The general point of the quote is to say that if a man really likes a woman, he has to prove himself to her. She is not the one chasing after you. You are the one who has to drop on your knees and attempt to win over her affection. The accomplishments of men are nothing when compared to the women of that time.

    If you, as a man, hold this philosophy, then guess what: you're not a man. You are but a mutt, rolling around in the dirt, begging for a scrap of meat or some form of affection from any lady who happens to walk on by. Usually you will get a pat on the head, or some ultra concerned and heart warming woman will take you in as her pet, turning you into a publicity show in front of everyone, saying "Hey, look at this lady, isn't she the sweetest?" People will go "Awe" at you, and think that you are such an adorable couple. After a time, though, even this will fall apart if either side is not sub-par. And then you will be back on the street, doing the same thing that you did before.

    That is what happened to me, EXACTLY. I personally do not want some saint of a girl coming and picking me up again, nor will I ever beg again. A true man stands by his beliefs and status, never wavering in order to gain the satisfaction of anyone. If I find a woman that I love, she's going to have to prove herself to me, not the other way around. To grovel is the quickest way to not only the friend zone, but a gray zone where she will never want anything to do with you.

    Here goes my skinny of it: follow the archbishop, and you will not get the girl in the end.
    "There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time." - Malcolm X

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    Default Re: Oh the Irony!

    Very good post and share.

    Man theres alot I could note about such circumstances you are mentioning and some of it is more frightening and sickening sadly because it is a truth of reality, not across the board with every inidividual/man/woman but being we are in a free country of free speech (I am at least )non-traditional and borderline radical situations will show themselves.

    Whats even worse, youd expect(considering your a normal slug of society) that getting with a woman spitting all these feminist quotes that ud find yourself a true down to earth woman............... ...(no further comment).

    Alot of the women ive been out with who id classify as highly respectable..feminin e, and "down to earth" dont blurt out any of these faults of "inconsistency" or even concern themselves with such thinking. ITS SO DAMN HOT!!! MMMM. In my book it drives me crazy(in a good way) to be around women like this as its just relaxing to know them as such....confident in themselves and not influenced heavily by TV/Society.

    whats even more so concerning/ironic these type of girls by an AFC/on the norm would be slated as a lesb, a bitch, non-attractive etc. Why? Cause they are confused and are programmed falsely by stuff like the above quote and other backwards ase-shit that is pushed at us to believe in.


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