Hey guys. It's been awhile since I've posted on this website. I've been out living life, trying to be more social, networking and working on my inner game.

We are about half way through the semester and I'm starting to really build some social clique momentum in some areas, finally... thank god.

Anyways, there were 3 prospects for potential girlfriends just from my classes alone.

1) girl 1 expressed major interest, then confessed to having a bf of 3 years so we're just friends, but still might pan out later.

2) girl 2 expressed major interest after running into her out at a bar on a friday night (had no idea she was even 21, looked stunning) she then told me she would go out with me if she hadn't just started dating one of her guy friends a few weeks earlier.

3) girl 3 is harder to talk to just because the class is lecture based, i try chatting her up between classes, everytime i see her in the hallway, everytime i see her at the bars... i automatically smile big everytime i see her, and i know she realizes this too.. it's a good thing. I asked her if she was going out this weekend and she said "probably" or "maybe" i don't remember, either way.. she DID go out, and I DID chat w/ her and introduce her to my friend/roommate and she introduced me as well to her friend. It's to the point where I know I seem interested in her, but I'm also appearing to have a life and lots of fun on my own. I think if I tried to escalate after our next class on tuesday, hopefully I can get her to have lunch with me and/or phone number. I'm very attracted to this girl and would like to escalate, but am a little anxious/nervous about making an error and jeopardizing the mission.

Bonus**** girl 4) i see this girl at school all the time but have never had opportunity to talk to her, she seems important, i saw her entering bar over st. patty's weekend, she recognized me... we acknowledged each other and she waved for me to come meet her inside (where i introduced myself). I had already been feeling good, buzzed, social... we embraced eachother and had great eye contact, hugging eachother, very intimate feeling. She told me that she sees me every single day at school (i only notice her 3-4 times a week, never thought about it as "every single day") this to me is a HUGE ioi... she was very beautiful and I asked her what her nationality was, turns out we're both about half-italian... when I was in that lovers embrace with her... i honestly just felt like i wanted to wife her on the spot, in that moment she was the embodiment of what every beautiful lover/mother of your children should look like, and she's hella educated already... major turn on. she admitted to having a boyfriend that doesn't like to go out very often. She happen to be at my FAVORITE bar in town (the only one with good music and not a shitty pop scene)... and we have plans to get together on Tuesday of next week for lunch (same day I want to try and talk to GIRL #3)

help me out guys, with girl #3 and #4... girl #1 will come around eventually, after her and her boyfriend split up, i'm positive. girl #2 is just going to be a tactical networking advantage.