So as I got my second chance to try out this destruction mode theory I made for the purpose of bouncing a girl before N-closing I just wanted to revise it a little.

Destruction Mode

Approach>Bounce>dhv> Bounce>Close(If HB8-9)
Approach>Bounce>DHV> Bounce>Eject (If HB6-7) This would be for the purpose of warming up, building momentum, being the selector, etc.

Now this is what I pulled off the past weekend and it worked to extreme effectiveness. I couldn't believe how awesome it was. I got to bounce a girl 3 times in the Club before finally getting her number and pretty much the whole time they were loving it.

I was loving it too because I got to DHV the HB9 bartender I have a crush on and where she works upstairs I got a sh!t test. So after doing my DHV by saying "See HB9? I know her". I said let's bounce back downstairs. Well the HB7 didn't like this and was like "But you just wanted to come up here!?" I was like all smooth like "Alright I'm cool, I'm cool." with my hands in the air a little. She took one look at me and gave into to my demands and gave her compliance.

I am having so much fun with the game I am thinking of new ways to try closing or just try closing the girls I really like. I mean why would I care about girls I am not attracted to? I guess I am kinda picky but I won't just hook up with anyone. If anything I can use the HB6-7's to DHV the HB8-9's so I can run serious game on them. I guess I am saying I won't go for anything less than a HB8 as I think I always dig them as long as they are not too crazy. Why I say eject on the HB6-7's is cuz I wish I hadn't even closed them because it did nothing to make my night better as I wasn't into them. Maybe ejecting will cause them to chase me which might be kinda fun as I might start to like them if this happens.