So there's this girl I've been talking to on facebook.
I began talking with her because both of us use spotify linked to facebook, so I opened telling "oh you're my spotify DJ" etc etc, later I told her her face wasn't estranged, which she agreed, telling me she knew me from high school.

Ok, a couple of days ago I talked again with her. The conversation:

Me: add some more musics to your spotify

Her: It's my fault, but I already have plenty

Me: btw your name remembers one subject I talked with a female friend of mine today's morning. have you ever wondered if minnie mouse slept with mickey mouse? My female friend thinks she sleeps with him, but I doubt it. I mean, wouldn't goofy feel shocked if he'd seen them going out of the bedroom? It would be weird if minnie mouse came out of the bedroom with the "I just had sex" hair and mickey mouse with an "ups" face

Her: I've never imagined the two of them having any kind of relationship xD

Me: well (her name), is it sexual discrimination? Disney mouses also have the right to have fun I had no idea you were like that, our spotify partnership is over

Her: No, the thing is, I never imagined that, off course they deserve it too ahahah
Oh nooo, our partnership isn't over ahahah

Me: so you don't discriminate animals, that's cool... you'd be a good PETA member, but that wouldn't work with me. PETA's people are cool, but I got the feeling that after a while they got very focused on that stuff and become crazy, even vegetarian our spotify partnership must come to an end

Her: it would be impossible for me to stop eating steaks, so relax ahahah

Me: you'd be a non vegetarian PETA then

Her: now I agree

Me: you agree? what, now you think you're the boss?

Her: I'm bossy btw

Me: how bossy?

Her: enough

So guys, I approached her just to test some new ideas. Probably good to know that I take loads of time answering her, something like 3/4 hours. She takes much less time.

What do you guys think about this?