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    Default How does one PUA the confident woman?

    "I don't need nobody."
    "I don't need to convince someone to be in my life."
    "If they want to be in my life, they'll do what they have to to be."
    "If they want me, they can come to me!"
    and other similar such phrases. These are the things that the male PUAs often say. I keep coming across women that are saying this stuff. Now these women aren't necessarily bitchy, but they are cocky. They are strong women, powerful inner will, and full of confidence. Which is hella attractive! So much better than the typical wussy females that are like lost puppy dogs and attach to anybody passing by.
    Like I said, it is typically us PUAs that have that confident attitude, so when trying to get a woman like this, I can't just fire back the same thing. Or can I? I would think that her and I will just fly the middle finger, cold shoulder, and blow each other off. How does one PUA the strong willed, confident woman?

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    Default Re: How does one PUA the confident woman?

    My fiancee is exactly the same type...
    She can dish it out right back at me, just as well as she can take it.

    She's feisty, smart & confident.
    So for women of this type, you can't be timid at all.

    It's all about injecting confident, smarty-pants type of humor into your flirting.

    The more I razz my fiancee & bust on her with a devilish grin, the more she likes it & gets turned on. (as well as falls in love with me even more).

    Usually the smart, confident girls have the BEST sense of humor! (Although a lot of times, it's intellectual humor that requires a bit of smarts & quick wit yourself.)

    So yeah, when they start their little rants, you need to fire back too. (PLAYFULLY & CONFIDENTLY)

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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