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    Default Why so farking serious?

    Yeah, an overused batman reference right there.

    So here goes, I have been going out a lot lately, whenever I get the chance I am on the dancefloor.

    Now, to be honest I don't have that much succes, I'm not pulling girls every other night and some nights I am still too scared to approach or ''out of state'' if you will.

    However, the point I wanted to make and I do realize it is probably a point that has been made a 1000 times already is:


    Even when I am having a lousy night and I am scared to talk to girls I do NOT have a problem talking to other guys and dancing my ass of to the great music that is playing. Even if I don't like the genre, I still dance. (Everything sounds better when it is played loudly)

    Also, I have a big genuine smile on my face. Why? Because I am focused on the things that are going well. The dancing, the socializing with friends and the meeting of new friends. Male or female it doesn't matter at all.

    I walk around the venues I am in and I see people taking themselves so damn serious. They almost look scary!

    I observed this last weekend while having an off night and started to look for reasons. Where the people who were looking all serious pulling lots of chicks? NO

    I live in the Netherlands so some of the parties I go to have a very wide age range, the venue I was in last weekend ranged from 16 to 50. The only guy I saw actually ''getting some'' was a fifty year old dude pulling a twenty year old with a perpetual smile on his face. This was just an ordinary, middle class, badly dressed guy. He only had his smile and his life experience going for him but he did it.

    I see that I am kind of all over the place but I do hope you get the point. Smile and have FUN. Most of the nights I have had, (no matter how bad my game was/is.) If I was/am smiling, at least one girl will open me.

    Imagine that, girls opening you just for being you and having fun. After that you might screw it up because you are not ''in state'' or whatever, but at least it affirms that you are a naturally attractive guy with a smile!


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    Default Re: Why so farking serious?

    Yes, true, but there are a lot of paradoxes when you give such kind of advice.

    It's like the one-itis. When you get one-itis, fuck ten other women. The problem is that if you are the kind of person to fuck ten other women, you would probably not get one itis in the first place.

    Fucking ten other women leads to a mental model of a person that does not fall in-love like in the Disney moves.

    As far as the seriousness thing - we all try to appear better than we are. We are serious and deep and who can JUDGE someone who is serious and deep?

    Our school-teachers told us to be serious, our parents told us to be serious, our bosses ... you get the point.

    So we tend to think that by being serious, we are doing something good. We do this as a mechanism not to be judged.

    And since the wish of not being judged is stronger than the impulse to simply relax, the first one wins.

    A better piece of advice?

    Do whatever it takes to stop fearing criticism and judgement so much


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