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    PUA JOMS Guest


    i think i´m gonna apply jokers advice.. just let it standby for today... no calls no txt...

    and call her tomorrow, to go to the movies or somethin´.... we did agree on saturday that we were goin´ to go to the movies this week cuz theres a bunch of movies she wanted to watch....

    what do you think?

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    Tomcat Guest


    Sounds good, be sure to report the outcome.

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    lagron Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by PUA JOMS View Post
    what do you guys think of call her today and COMMAND (lol i know this is how its done) to go grab a bite with me or something, or my friends party whatever.....? i think is ok, right?

    but what should my move if she replies with some crappy bullsh*t like ¨ohh im tired or oh i have to go to my grandmas¨ cuz shes been doing that the last 48 hours. whay should i do is this comes up???

    thanks for being interested in helping me
    FIRST Don't contact her, in my opinion it makes you seem dont' want that...I just wait if they call me and surely weather it is a day or 5 days later they will call back if you left the right impression...girls have a time frame to which they respond/act the way you want them one week they want it...and then the next they just DON'T...not sure how to explain...but DON'T Seem NEEDY!

    IF YOU HAVE TO CALL/TEXT... Which I suggest you DON'T....Use this if she says no to the party/whatever for whichever reason... MAKE YOUR TIME VALUABLE- REMEMBER..

    This is not a full quote, but change it and use it... if you like it The " " indicate what you " " means she says it...

    " you want to go to (place y)?
    She says no because...blah blah blah...
    " know what, what do you think I am, I am not going to wait for you all this time. You have to understand you haven't come close to being important to me, you haven't done anything to receive it. You know what else, you'll show up or forever hold your peace and lose an opportunity of a life time!" THEN HANG UP THE PHONE... It worked for me once...
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    PUA JOMS Guest



    Yesterday night I txt her to see if the wanted to hang out (movies, my friends party, whatever)...
    she writes back some ¨ ohhhh im at a BBQ right now, and tomorrow im meeting a friend of mine from out of town and were going to dinner¨

    I just sit back for a few minutes, think, and wrote back... ¨can i ask you something straight¨ she replied, yes of course... and i said, hey i´m under the impression that you think i´m pushing things or something... i´m certainly not into that right now.. just in case you thought of that..
    she replied somethin like ¨well, honestly, i had an amazing time on saturday, and i like you a lot, but, i just got back from college, and i haven´t had the time to be out with my girlfriends, settle down at my new job etc etc, and i want to do this beacause before i went to college and while in collge i had a bf for more than 7 years, and i´m just not into dating right now¨
    I just replied ¨well, thank you for being honest... and putting things out there...¨ hope you the best... we´ll be talking ...

    Dudes, i felt a relief of stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! of that bs of waiting, thinking, going overbardo feeling, you know...

    Everything I just said i was doing, happened when i was at my friends party (sarging )... last night was kinda cool, afterwards i went to a club and bumped into a girl that i went out with a year ago... we started talking, had some drinks, and left together.. we should be getting together today or this weekend...

    so the leason learn is this... sarge, sarge, sarge!!!!!!! i mean i just went to the club, literally and voila!... problem solved.. let see what happens with this chick now.. just asked her to join me for dinner.. i´ll keep you guys posted...

    thanks for the support!

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    Tomcat Guest


    Glad to see it worked out for you

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    If there is one thing that I've learned over the years as I've become more successful with women and dating. THERE ARE ALWAYS MORE GIRLS OUT THERE. Make it easy for yourself to move and you will be much happier. My god, here in NYC there are about 4M single women. Why limit yourself to just one when dating?

    Good job man!

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    RokStarz Guest


    Awesome man. Way to control the situation. sarge ON!

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    PUA JOMS Guest


    GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

    I´m back into this chick... AGAIN!

    So, I´ve posted a few threads... on sarging at the gym and meeting up with other chicks, cuz i´ve certainly been doing that.. keep my mind busy on other stuff/girls and for ot to think of this girl that is driving me crazy still... it has worked pretty well, until....

    So, while i´ve been going out and keepping mysefld distracted by texting, calling, ignoring, going out whatever with other chicks, i kept texting/calling this girl (lets call her ¨s¨) but in a very random and spontaneous way.. not on da daily basis (as i think of this as harrasment and blowing things up).. we have had very nice and fluent conversations.. i haven´t adressed the issue of ¨ well, honestly, i had an amazing time on saturday, and i like you a lot, but, i just got back from college, .................¨ (check it on my previous posts), cuz i´m certain that theres something fishy there (keep thinking someone just put a bad reference from me into her mind), but honestly its just a hunch...

    so, i remember that on our one amazing saturday night, she kept asking me about my masters degree and about how she wanted some info and articles about some technical BS that i had in one of my classes... a few days ago, i came up with the idea of looking for that material, and make some copies and give them to her... the intention here is to make her see me as ¨higher value guy¨ mature, caring, bla bla bla...the way ive plant this out doesnt make a dork, trust me..

    i´ve had these stupid copies on my car for almost a week now, i was waiting for the right time to strike (¨patience, my young aprentice¨)... last thursday i went out to a club (same club we met for the first time) and bumped into her.. she was going out of the restroom and i was walking into de restroom (looks like a movie) and we ¨literally¨ bumped into each other.. i just say hi, hows everything going, kiss her on the cheek, she replied gently great, and you? i said awesome, smile at her and kept walking... she stood there for about 2 seconds like waiting for something to come up or for me to turn around and approach her... as i said i keep walking...
    during the night... i saw her and she saw me a couple of times, no eyes crossing... i know we saw each other because we were in the same room at the club..(trust me its a small space).. i noticed she left around 230am... few minutes later i txt her... ¨ hello¨ she replied, how are you? still at the club? im just about to go to bed... i: yeah im just closing my tab and going home...bla bla bla , she: bla bla bla, i: hey i got something that you might seemed useful, remember those copies you needed from my masters degree... bla bla bla, i got them for you...she: really? im so excited, !! thanks!, i´ll be out this weekend but we can make room next week and get together....(success !! this was my no. 1 goal!) i: cool, have a nice trip.. talk to you soon...

    Keep this in mind!!!!! as you read the followin: Theres a huge party in the country, and a bunch of friends and I ware going to my friends (girl) house... Guess What? My friend and S are great friends so shes going there too.. i would have preffer that she didnt go cuz she could block me from other girls or cuz if i dont do the following thing correctly, i might be sleeping with the enemy the whole weekend (get the picture)...

    i text her yesterday (monday, havent talk to her since thursday)... hey s how are you.. s: good and you, hows the beginning of the week treating you.. bla bla bla i: well very good but busy studying, i have this big test tomorrow (i just finished it and ace it!!) bla bla bla... s: ohh poor baby... i hope you do good bla bla bla... we kept a very fluent and friendly conversation and i ask her: hey i was wondering if we could meet to grab a bite wednesday night so i can give you the copies i have and you can give me my ticket for the party (this is the party were having over the weekend... in a previous conversation she agreed to buy it for me cuz a was caught up at work, i gotta pay for it though..).. S: i cant make it for dinner, beacause im meeting with my girlfriends etc etc, but we can meet for a couple of coffee... i: can you make it thurday night for dinner? she replied someting like... i´ll be working thrusday night (her dad owns a chain of restaurants).. i just replied with a sad face and said i guessed you really dont want to go to dinner...(I KNOW!! this was a mistake) but the replied, no silly, im not ignoring you, thats why i saied that we can get coffee together since im not avaible for dinner... we agree on meeting tomorrow (wednesday) at 4pm at a local coffee shop!!

    my actual plan is to just, start a conversation naturally, maybe some Kino (maybe, dont know if that could be too agressive, remember she already ¨blew me off¨) and go on from there... the point i want to turn the conversation to, (by the end) is to ask her or know why the sudden change of mind, from one day to another (spectacular satuday - horrible sunday).. and say something like, hey just want to take the time to know you, bla bla bla, dont want to rush things, honestly bla bla bla... but dont know exactly how to express myself when saying this!!!!!!!!!! I want her to know that i´m of higher value and that i´m into her.. and that i want to get to know her and so forth and that i want her to let me know her... something like that.. hang out, more often, grab a bite, walk, talk... just get to know wach other..

    PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE i need adive on how to approach the coffee meeting, how to act!, what to say, what to do or not do!



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    dxfan Guest


    If its not to late would not invite her. Some woman are like this, they are very strange and will back out of plans at the last min. I think its some type of shit test that has become really uncool in this day and age but woman just cant turn it off. The only way to really make this work is to not BEG for it and fail the shit test INSTEAD put her through her own.......don't invite her to the party but some how make sure she knows you had it....either later on mention it, or if your happen to be face book friends,status update about not " accidentally text her directions or whatever"...she we see what your up to. Once she realizes she wasn't invited to a party, shell be wondering why....and will start chasing for you

    Good Luck

    Madd Hatter

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    PUA JOMS Guest


    this is how the story ends...

    i want to get coffee with her, give her my notes... chat for a lil while... and we talked the issue, this was disasterous..

    i dunno what i did or what i did not... but this girl is trying to avoid me in any way possible... so i just chilled there, finish my coffee.... and just say goodbye and something like ¨ hope you do good and takr advantage of these copies...

    at the big country party, she stayed at the house i was also staying at... i never talk to her... i was very polite though.. (good morning, good afternoon bla bla bla) but that was it... i think she felt that... not that i was trying not to talk to her, but that i dont really need her... so by that i hope that ive implied higher value cuz there were a lot of really good looking girls that i danced and talk with at the party..

    thanks for the support guys...

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