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    Tomcat Guest


    You might have made a mistake by socializing with other girls like u did, because it may have made her believe even more in your label as a "player". In my opinion the best way to deal with the image of you she has in her mind is simply by getting to know her as a friend. For example, try telling her that u really enjoy just talking to her and u admire her intelligence, and that u would like to continue doing so. When a friendly, platonic connection is established, she will hopefully let her guard down and then u can "strike" . I don't think there's any real danger of getting stuck in the friend zone, due to the physical attraction you 2 got going already, and the friendship before will only help in the relationship. Oh, and, just so u don't get bored, hook up with other girls on the side, but don't let her know about these until she's gotten to know you, only then could this raise your value. This is just my observation, I hope it will help but it's not field tested.

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    Confidant18 Guest


    You made your first big mistake when you texted her. You never text or call a woman right after you get her number. Wait six days then do it. Tips: Don't respond right away, be vague with your answers and once a day say "Hey O'm busy I'll call you later". If she blows you off once by saying she is tired and is busy, don't say anything in response (too tired or busy is a response MANY women use when they don't want to see you, its an excuse NOT the truth). Leave it at her saying the last thing and wait for her to contact you next. This will make her feel as if you rejected her and have better things to do than to wait around for her. In your post it seemed like you were not in control and she was. You need to stop that, take back the control with this woman. The best way to get a woman is to be vague, cold (slightly) and busy. Have anymore questions email me.

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