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    PUA JOMS Guest

    Default Sarging at the gym... any tips?

    Hey, what up guys.

    So listen to this, I ve been searching and I dont see anything posted related to sarging or picking up at the gym...

    It just came up to my mind today, when i was at the gym.

    so, here it is...

    ive been going to this gym now for almost 6 week, you should see the girls here.... man theyre adorable its like paradise, no bs.

    One day while i was working out i saw this HB8.. working right beside me, we eye crossed each other ans she smiled.. this happened like two or three times, that same day... i kept going and didnt bumped into her like for 2 weeks, when i met her again, same thing happened, eyes crossed, smiles etc... i thought of applying 3 sec rule, but she being there with her trainer etc would ve been kinda awkward, o i just smiled back.
    now heres the deal! TODAYYYY, (havent seen here like for 10 days) i bumped into her again, she was on the treadmill behind me... but facing the exact opposite way, we could see ourselves through mirrors... im done using the treadmil, and as i walked by behind her, she looks at me by looking at the mirror and waves hi to me, i waved back... and kept walking, i thought to myself shes alone, no trainer, no people around, approach her so i went back to get some water near her, so she could spot me... and i just look at her and say hey its been a while..... (have in mind that we have eye crossed few times, smiles).. she responded yes... y said i guess you come in ther mornings huh? she said yes.. i like mornings better, when im here on afternoons its just because i missed my morning session... we both laught a lil, and i just said.. well you better start coming in the afternoons... turned back and walked away....

    i know im gonna see her again eventually, shes like addicted to the gym, she has this smoking body.. oh god..

    im thiking of developing interest, and just sometime say somethin like what ur doing tomorrow instead of coming here or something like that.. and open her..

    any advices or explanations on similar situations are welcome..

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    Brand Guest


    She has totally warmed up to you and there is a great connection already. Next time you see her go right up to her and tell her that you can't believe you didn't get her number last time because there was an amazing concert in the park you went to last week and she woulda loved it (or whatever is fun, cheap and enjoyable in your area). Once you get her number text her letting her know it's you and invite her do something fun (maybe 3-5) day away. Let me know how it goes.... But that has worked for me.

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    PUA JOMS Guest



    I just saw her today, but i was in a hurry...! cuz i was running late for a meeting...
    as i told you i know shes going in the mornings...

    i know im gonna see her again, next tuesday, and who knows maybe tomorrow or thursday in an afternoon gym session..

    im prepared guys.! ill post you a follow - up.

    check out my post on the Thread: Help with followp.....

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    dxfan Guest


    well it seems like you have at least approached and broken first contact with her so thats good. maybe try going in the morning? just jump on the treadmill next to her when shes no looking and when she glances over ask "wanna race?" i always liked that one, keep em laughing.

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    Reformd AFC Guest


    It also works really well just to smile at her every time you see her. Even say hi each time. Makes you seem not needy or desperate. Then one time when she is NOT running or working out and you see her just walk up and say "You know, I don't think I know your name. I am PUA Joms - nice to meet you."

    Don't immediately ask for her number there either... but sometime in the future - invite her do something fun, maybe go watch a concert in the park or something - but tell her that you area going with some friends and she should come along. Get her number... and you know the rest.

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    Bandit Guest

    Default this is what i think

    im my point of of view you have already messed up with the bumping into her many times and hardly saying a word and then hesitating before you actually opened was your biggest mistake. by doing this you lowered your value and might already be setting yourself up for a LJBF and nobody wants one of those.
    although you did open fairly good since its not a club setting you still should have been alittle more creative with your opener.
    you also posted that you havent seen any gym forums on here. ironiclly every site i go to has something about gym meetings. lolso maybe i can help you because i can see where the gym is a very akward place to sarge.
    i actually read one article that had a very good opener atleast i liked it. it said that you should go to the most complicated machine in the gym and give it a puzzled look as she walks bye. then look at her with that same puzzled look and say how and the hell do use this thing?(smile). some think it would show less value but i think its worth a shot. and if it dosent work message me so i wont use it haha.


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