Hi guys, I have a question about gaming multiple sets in day game. I have found success with single sets in dg, I n-closed pretty regularly and go on dates. Basically I have some experience.

I want to get better and progress and the next thing I want to start doing is picking up a target when she's in a multiple set in dg.

I thought of two options to do this. The first is to open indirectly build attraction and some rapport with all girls and then Isolate the target for 1-2 min to n-close her. Since time is an issue in dg I would have to focus my attention and make better eye contact throughout the convo with the target as a way to nonverbally show interest. When I would isolate the target I would probably go directly and tell her what's up and get her digits.

The second option is to open directly the set and go with the direct approach towards the target. I have some doubts about this because her friend out of jealousy might turn into a cockblock. Then I would isolate the target for a few min, build attraction some rapport and try n-closing her.

I would like to hear your opinion if you ever tried this and what worked and what didn't. Overall what do you think would work and what wouldn't.

Thanks for the help