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    lagron Guest

    Default Pickup's in the Gas Station?

    Okay this is something I have tried and it seems to work...I help my father run his company in a small very small way...(ladies don't know that hehe)...

    Well the workers are building a 7/11/gas station, we might buy the 7/11 after it is done, since we found that this type of business makes thousands a week on it's own...we own the gas station...well...

    I was at the job site, and was pulling out of the driveway when a HB8 appeared in one of the gas station lines, getting gas for her car...and she immediately looked at me, and I did the same, I was blocking the road from cars getting into the gas station but then she was not leaving either...(eye contact/staring/glaring) for about 1 minute...(which is a lot when there are at least 8 new cars in the gas station every 3 minutes...(very very busy place!)

    Well I know she immediately had an interest in I pulled over to her car, walk over to her side of the window and gave her my business I didn't ask for her number...I believe if they stare for 1 minute straight they are really interested...and she was...I gave the card, she left....30 minutes later, she is at home and calls me...well I guess giving them your number ONLY WORKS IN CERTAIN SITUATIONS....

    About 2 minutes after HB 8 left, I was in line at the gas station, to get gas of course...well I looked on the mirror and there was a HB10 right behind my car... Well...I got out of my car, and actually pumped my own gas...and then turned to the right looking right into her eyes...while I walk over and pump her gas... She had her hand out to hand me the money I went to go get it...held it in my hand/while she was holding it...I thought what in the world...she didn't let go lol.

    She says, you don't look like you work here?
    I reply, yea I know you don't work here either.
    She says, No duhh, well what are you doing?
    I reply, what do you think I'm doing?
    She says, pumping gas?
    I reply, well there's a whole lot to pump but I thought I would be nice and pump up your car too.
    She says, well thankyou, you don't get the money though, it's a little thing called illegal
    I reply, it's illegal to have a non employee pump your gas too but you didn't mind?
    She says, Yea well that is different.
    I reply, whys it different? What makes you think you can trust me?
    She replies, well nothing really.
    I reply, no shit honey, dammit why else would I pump your gas for you?...while taking out my phone.
    She replies, look I have to go nice phone btw...(I had a iphone, it was a present)
    I reply, it'll be nice to get your number too, but then who knows I might have to pump it up again.
    She replies, in a confused way...uhhmmm but...

    I cut her off, and say just a second...walk over to the other side of the car, open the door and get the phone from the car seat. I say, well okay so whats your number...acting like I am going to dial it with her phone? (she looks even more confused)...I say well I'm just going to dial your own number so I know it's yours...(instead I dial mine...) her number is my caller id, and she hears my phone ring...I hand her, her phone..(which was the same phone as mine)...and say, well now that you gave me your number I'll call you tomorrow bye bye lady I don't even know.

    She laughs, and I drive away...while dialing her number...she picks it up
    she says "hello who is this?"
    I say...Just checking are you free tonight?
    she says"who is this?"
    I reply, remember I won the gas station?
    she says "Ow yea, hello there"
    I say...well you owe me x dollars for the gas, I'll see you at (the place we meet again 2 days later...the first day later, I had a get together with the hb8) and instead of me paying for the drinks/candy wrist band she did...I told her she had to, since she owed me money...she did pay...and well we had fun...(I'll keep the rest to your imagination).

    Well not sure if anyone else has seen/tried anything like this at a gas station, but if you don't own the station you might get kicked out of the place, since you would be holding up the other cars from getting gas...

    Tell me what you think...This was tested/just happened about 4 days ago.

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    dxfan Guest


    I tried to Spam URLs. I must be completely retarded. People like me should know better than to try and Troll these forums. I should be tared, feathered, and beaten with the moron stick. I am utterly incompetent.

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    dxfan Guest


    If im feeling testey, and not worried about starting my day off with a slap to the face...this one is a good one.
    I would only try it on HB8+ , and it can be modified based on the womans age

    At the gas station
    YOu: Nice car you got there
    Girl.Uh thanks
    YOU So Daddy/You Boyfriend lets you drive it all by yourself huh?

    This one has a high crash and burn rating if you use it below HB 8, but for the really really hot ones, or ones with a sense of humor...this will work to start a conversation

    Madd Hatter
    pickingupgirlstonigh t dot come

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