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    phantom Guest

    Default Want to hook up with the ex best friend of my ex

    So here's my situation.

    I was in an LTR with this girl for about 14 months, broke up a year ago. I had been friends with one of her best girl friends during our relationship. (I also knew the friends' boyfriend a bit, they are now broken up a year too).

    My ex and this girl on no longer friends. And the girl chatted with me a few months back on Facebook. I never really opened chats with her, but she would open them with me once a week or so while at work.

    Our chats haven't been super flirty, but we have talked about sex before (in general, not with each other). I have always tried to tell stories that would show high value. She's also mentioned that I always have a place to stay if I'm in Portland, and she'd show me a good time.

    It's my birthday on Saturday, and she messaged me yesterday to say Happy Birthday. So I was like "So you coming to my party on Saturday". She was like "I don't have a place to stay, but I could". So I was like "I have a comfy couch at my place". Long story short, she is coming up here now, by herself, and staying at my place. We are going to prefunk here before heading out to meet up with all my friends. I've already arranged for my roommate to not be here.

    I'm not sure what her Mindset is here. We haven't been super flirty, but in my brain all signs lead to us hooking up as long as I don't mess something up. I know from my ex that she's been with like 30 dudes, so I know she's not a prude. She's not her friend anymore, so she may like the idea of sleeping with me even more. My ex always talked me up, and I broke up with her, she hella wanted me back.

    So now I'm just wondering what's a good way to move this into flirting territory, and eventual hooking up, without it seeming weird considering we haven't flirted before really, and I've known her for a while.

    I was toying with the idea of talking with her today again, and dropping a playful line like "So you going to wear something sexy for me for my birthday right..." but I'm just not sure if that might scare her off from coming at all.

    I could also answer the door, give her a hug, tell her she looks great and then have her kiss me on the cheek.

    Anyways, what do you think?

    Really appreciate it.


    If you want more info, I got this message from her today on FB.

    Hey Dave,

    I'm super excited to see you and party in Seattle on Saturday. But Thursday was a horrible day, I lost my car/house keys and my phone lost charge (the charger is in a Lodge in the Middle of Central Washington). I wrote your number on a sticky note but in the middle of all of the commotion I lost your number.

    Will you text me my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx and your address would be awesome too so I can mapquest it. I'm looking forward to drinking and singing kareoke with you my friend!


    The "my friend!" part makes me question her mindset. But that could just be her self justifying that she's not coming up here just to sleep with me. One more piece of info is that I went on a two week roadtrip with me, my ex, her, and her ex. So we've already gotten to know each other. I haven't hung out with her for over a year though, so it's been awhile.

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    Ricky Guest


    Dude - it is 100% on. Just be a fun guy, flirt and smile a lot. She is coming up there to BANG you, you just got to be a cool guy and not act creepy and it is soooo on. Let us know how it goes.

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    phantom Guest


    Thanks for the response Ricky. I got the full close last night and this morning.

    She came over and I just went into the mode of "let's have a great time." For a while she was dropping "friends" type statements. I just ignored these and kept teasing and casually touching her. By the end of the night she told me I was the most interesting man she'd ever met.

    It was really interesting. I noticed a lot of things I didn't used to pick up on. I caught the "hook point" where I knew I could increase the Kino. All in all in worked out perfectly. I also brought her to starbucks this morning, where I've been chatting with a barista. So I gained social proof.

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    Ricky Guest


    KICK FUCKING ASS!!!! Well done sir!

    Respect +++

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