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Thread: So what else...

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    lagron Guest

    Default So what else...

    Here's a girl, my sister is friends with...I know she thinks I'm hot, (says, my sister) is the conversation, feel free to tell me where else to take it, or what I should do, : ) I suck at everything related to it being online...

    I said "I can't believe you bought those pants at the garage sale I saw the other day...hehe, I would have taken you for a girl that bought "new" things..."

    she says huh? what are you talking about?

    I say ow I just saw the profile picture you had put up, I could swear I saw them at a garage sale for 5 bucks I think 2 days ago, I didn't think one of my sisters friends would have bought clothes from garage sales lol...

    hows it going btw.

    she says nah. i tried them on in abercrombie with your sister a couple days ago in the fitting room. lol

    and its going pretty good, hbu?

    I say Ow alrite must've been the day I got back from work and you guys showed up also.

    yea it's going pretty good for me too...though I'm not sure whats good lol, sisters been over cousins house might stay there a couple more days.

    she probably told you that already, ow was no one supposed to know?

    She says yeah it was lol.
    haha that's funnn i guess =p
    she told me yesterday in the afternoon.

    I say so tell me, did my sister and you make a move on some hot guys walking by at the mall? not sure why I would ask, but just trying to make sure my sisters protected

    she says um no ? loll

    I say hah, okay sure, just feel free to tell me if you 2 get into any trouble...just kidding

    I see you changed your profile picture lol, I like the accessories like the hat necklace and belt it fits in figures you would try to make your clothes match, It's a nice picture but I honestly like the other one more

    she says lmaoo were you high on the phone that other day?
    cus i called like 50 billion times and you just kept saying "hellllo?" something was deffenitly wrong with you.

    and thanks? lol alright then i'll change it to the other one =P happy? haha
    (she is already doing what I want her to do hehe)

    I say..Ow dam, I must have been hah, it was late that night and I think the phone was in my room, you WOKE ME UP! or I think that was another day...ow the day with the thunderstorms and all the pretty lights outside and stuff lol...

    Not sure what was up with me there, I don't do drugs or anything like that to get sister was there with me, she was laughing hysterically. I was just testing if you would remember by merely messaging you here on face book. Trying to see if your smart, you know what I mean, you wouldn't like talking to retards would you?

    I have somethings to get to right after this, so If I don't reply again i'll reply later But just incase i'll add you as a friend on facebook so I can continue this conversation, I don't really use this site other then to message some distant people.

    she sayshaha wowww, i thought yur sister was in the bathroom or something.

    but yeah it's alrightt i have to sleep early anyways because i have to wake up mad early tomorrow for work. =\

    I say Nah she was there with me, I was just in the mood to try and joke around with someone that called next, I should have thought of what I was going to say before picking it up haha, I didn't know it was you.

    What I should do is, take my sisters phone to get your number, i'm not going to ask for it, then prank call you with my cell, I'll try it, but when you're least expecting it...I wonder if you'll pick up your phone at 2 AM in the morning? lol

    Sleep early, yea I went to sleep after finishing some paperwork for today, at 10 AM. You have to wake up mad early for work haha I wake up around 5-5:15 in the morning everyday...

    I'll take a guess at what you do for work...go on facebook?...text your friends?...or here is something more legit, your a hand model or something?

    I'll just wait and see what your reply is, to my guesses, hahah.

    she says your a pretty smart kid if you ask me haha. i would nottt pick up my phone at 2 am. only if it was really necessary =P

    in the mornings i usually just go on facebook. then fall asleep in the car, theres no one to talk to anyways everyones sleeping haha. (now she is complimenting me lol??)

    I just replied
    Thanks, for the compliment, I'll call you at 2 AM in the morning or somewhere along that time frame, you can just wait for it...

    how about you don't keep your phone on silent for a couple of days : )

    Never tried sleeping in the car, it's something I should try. You have fun sitting there with your lonesome self? Or do you find something to do, like stare out the window and watch the bright stars in the sky?

    So what next, any tips are welcome...

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    Tomcat Guest


    Sounds like it's going pretty good, how about arranging a meeting with her? Try using an indirect reason for this, and then show her a great time ofc. Then next time you could make it an official date.


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