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    goosemen Guest

    Default hooking up with an xltr's cousin

    Whats up puaforums!
    I just got out of an LTR and her cousin is really hot and she just broke up with her boyfriend. How long should i wait before i try to approach her and how should i approach her?

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    Ricky Guest


    That depends. Is she into you (making this a warm encounter) or is she indifferent (making it cold). Also, if she doesn't like you or thought you were bad for her cousin that can be used to your advantage. So - what is your relationship like with her right now?

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    goosemen Guest


    My relationship with her is cold. I could have sworn when we all hung out (cousin+xltr) i was getting ioi's from the cousin. IDK if she thought i was bad for her cousin but she is trying to swear off guys in general because of her ex

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    BKChew Guest


    This is a tough topic. If I understand this correctly: This girl is your friends ex-girlfriend and you are interested in her. This is really a topic that has a couple of different issues. Starting with you fr.iend. If you and your friend were tight than you should consider the fact that it could effect your friendship.

    My brothers and friends of mine had a known agreement that if one guy dates a girl, she is off limits to all the others permentatly. This rule was broke between my two brothers. It was a horrible mess. My youngest brother was dating this one chick for four years. He treated her horrible and we all knew it. My second to the youngest brother cared about her and her feelings. Many times he would talk to her when our brother was doing his best to comfort her.

    Than the bomb shell was dropped. He made the cut and she cried for days. My brother picked up the pieces. Soon she went out to eat with him as friends but it did not change his feelings. My brother felt feelings for a long time. Than a couple of months passed and they did date a couple of times.

    As the family expected, the brother that dumped her started to decide that he did not like it when his brother kissed her. Soon the two of them got back together. The brother that was just a friend and had a couple of dates with her was so hurt because he truly loved this girl named Kayla.

    The brother named James soon returned to his life of being a player. Kayla was once again hurting badly, just like she had been warned about James and his habit of being a player, she could not stop herself from hoping this time would have been different.

    James dumped Kayla again. This time my other brother jumped him for the kill. Kayla had admited to her friends that it troubled her when she seen Martin with other girls. So when Martin asked Kayla for a real date, Kayla agreed. Soon it was locked in they set a wedding date.

    An explosion was going to happen and Mom was right, In a situation such as this...Never date your families ex, or your friends ex. Someone will get hurt. In this care Mom had her way as she firmly grabbed both of them and stopped the fit from flying.

    NEVER DATE AN EX's ex-gal or ex-man. You will loose something for ever. Are you ready to learn what you will loose. If you gain the gal you will loose a friend for life, even if the relationship fails.

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    goosemen Guest


    no you got me confused... She is the cousin of a girl that i had an LTR with

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    Mo Mo Guest

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    goosemen Guest


    well anything over a day is too long in my opinion hahah
    it was 3 months i know that my seem like not that long but i'm an avid pua and that was a long time to stay faithful to one woman


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