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    Default Improving Night Game, the Hard Knocks

    As you guys know I had a mixed level of results last weekend at the Club. Going to be doing massive day game when Summer hits so look out for field reports on that. You should have seen my first set (absolute nightmare), I hesitated and then once I finally worked up the courage I approached after waiting a grueling 10 minutes. Got blown out before even getting out the first sentance.

    "I have a BF!" the 2 set both uttered in turn and that was the first thing they both said to me. I creeped them out and then was hovering like "what is his name?" all AFC and was like a kid in a candy store. Well my last set I pulled off my first K-close from a woman who was making the moves to kiss me and luckily I followed through. Sadly though she wanted the "D" and I failed the f-close.

    So essentially this recent woman I k-closed was an HB9 and my first set was 2 HB6's at best. It was wonderful not having any aa when approaching this recent HB9 and actually didn't even make it obvious I was hitting on her and a little suave I just lost it at the close. This is my issue I can't close sometimes properly! That is my focal area and it is like the black hole causing me great pain but hopefully I can overcome this inner game issue with continued effort and self improvement.

    The Hard Knocks
    This is mainly for Night Game so here goes. This is about how to close properly for myself and a theory for others to try. Going through the motions let's focus on how to overcome the hard knocks. How can we do this? Easy learn how to close!

    Closing Properly
    You can't K-close every HB, nor can you N-close every HB, nor can you F-close every HB. If you have that idea then you will get plenty of hard knocks like I did. You can't merely get stuck N-closing every girl that's a bad habit that needs to be broken since women will sense you are not authentic. I am proposing a dynamic approach to closing. You can't N-close every HB because what if you don't like her and it is just a warm up? Here's how,

    The N-close
    Go for the F-close initially with any woman you meet you feel it for. But sometimes due to circumstances (****blockers, logistics, resistance) you won't be able to. If you make N-closing your first goal you will walk away appeased like I did stuck in an infinite loop. So I say N-close is a last resort when you get a successful f-close, failed k-close, bad logistics, ****blockers, not feeling enough compliance, etc.

    I used to love the N-close but got out of the habit and now shoot for the k-close but the problem with that was once I got it the HB9 wanted the "D" and I didn't close her properly. So make K-closing your initial objective and F-closing when sensing high levels of compliance.

    The K-close
    Can't k-close every girl. How are you going to pull off a K-close in midst of a 3 set? Can't be done unless you do a mini-bounce and isolate. I got the K-close because she was already isolated, the key to remember is isolation. I had a failed k-close because I was trying to do it in midst of a 2 set, bad idea. I failed another K-close because I was getting played by a flaky N-close I did prematurely.

    The F-Close
    I never thought I would get to this level but just being put in this position last weekend I now think I can pull it off. Usually after a K-close build more comfort then try to do a pull (if not N-close). This is mostly for Night Game so keep that in mind but this is why I say wait for the N-close until a last restort.

    I would rather see myself do a k-close do the pull after getting the green light, f-close, then n-close after scoring. Seems like a good sequence. After n-closing I noticed it kind of makes things very awkward if you are re-approaching trying to k-close after that. Going for a k-close after an n-close is just a bad sequence. If you do an n-close you are done all you can do is build comfort after that point if you decide to re-approach.

    The Conclusion
    This is why having an open mind will help. You shouldn't try to make it obvious you are hitting on them so keep a solid frame and if you sense resistance or lack of interest N-closing is safe. If you are getting a lot of laughing, flirty behavior k-closing works well, and if the girl is totally making it easy for you then try to take her home.

    This is why I think I had so many hard knocks because when I don't plan on the kiss the HB's are trying to kiss, when I don't plan on the hook up HB's are trying to hook up, and when I am trying too hard HB's will shut me down with their ice shields and I have another hard knock that I should have just built comfort and N-closed then been done with it.

    This may seem like a lot but I have done 35 sets, gotten 13 #'s, 1 k-close since I got in the game and N-closing is so easy to me. I got almost no #'s starting out but now I can overcome sh!t tests like a champ N-closing. That's why I upped my game to start going for the K-close because it is a lot more challenging. I became good at N-closing and I will not feel awkward again (doing Night Game). To me it's like I can N-close on the spot and never feel like it's a challenge doing Night Game anymore. Day Game N-closing can be a hard knock because of social pressure when gaming a HB who is working since it's a different social dynamic.

    I knew I stepped it up this past weekend but had no idea by approaching this HB9 I would have gotten total compliance. I've been rejected so many times it struck me by surprise. I have noticed though it's only HB8's-HB9's that are trying to K-close me and trying to get me to F-close them. So I challenged myself and I love not feeling like I have to close a warm up (selector). I walk away from a bad set and don't close. But when I am getting compliance, attraction, flirty behavior I know I am in there that's why it takes the right adjustment to know how to close properly.

    That's my take on it right now, let me know what you think.

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    Default Re: Improving Night Game, the Hard Knocks

    MDJ, I enjoy reading your posts. I like to see consistent practice and development. That being said, I think you have or will have soon what it takes to function at the next level. Here are a few posts that you may find helpful.

    The technique...

    Two examples of the technique in action
    Kino's Sexual Expectation

    Kino's Text Book Game

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    Default Re: Improving Night Game, the Hard Knocks

    Awesome post. Thanks. Is so good to hear your experience. I'm having the same thing go on with getting numbers left and right but I'm not even going for the k-close. It's not even occurring to me that I have a chance. Let alone f-close.

    Club game is what I'm now working on. I notice I hesitate a lot before approach. Or I get something going but don't know how to maintain and escalate. I have this switch in my head that says go as far as a1-3 and that's it. I'm trying to push through.

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