Hello my fellow puas.

Hope pick ups are going awesaome for you.

What exactly do yo do when a girl inquires about you..??

This weekend i had a two day party, which was great... i met a lot of girls (i sarged a lot) and i know that 3 girls seemed interested. How? Cuz they inquire about me to my friends, and they told me.

Girl No. 1
I friend called me, like hey were you talking to x girl at the party this weekend... i was like yes, but i only taked to her for a few mins.. he said, well shes asking about, what kind of guy you are and all that bs.
Girl No. 2
later at night, friend txt me (now this girl im more attracted to than the others).. hey y is asking me whats the deal with you.. i saied just tell her that she was the second most beautiful eyes ive ever seen (neg) and that ill like to meet her... she replied to my friend, hes awesaome at met him at the party and he invited me to a party his having this weekend (im throwing a huge party this saturday at my beach house), btw its her b-day today... i know shes going to a club, to celebrate tomorrow.. but haven talked to her about it.
Girl No. 3
This one was awesome... so i was dacing with a girl, and we were dancing harcore.. no kidd no nothing but a lot of sexy flirting.. (this girl i was dancing with is just a friend) girl no. 3 approaches her, while i was getting a drink and said something like ¨hey im into that guy, please back off a lil bit ).... my friend said ¨hey were jsut friends, relax, ill tell him to dance with you¨ i came back with my drink.. and kept dancing with my friend.. then, i started to talk with my cousin.. and girl no. 3 approached my friend and said ¨you are a hypocrite cuz you are still dancing with him and youre kissing him... This is not true.. i was not kissing my friend, honestly... i dont know what she saw, but there was no kiss there.

So now i have this 3 situations... what do you think sould be the best approach for each of them? Remember i wanna bang first girl no. 2...