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Thread: ABUNDANCE - The Answer to Half Your Problems

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    Lightbulb ABUNDANCE - The Answer to Half Your Problems

    Many posts lately have been asking about specific girls and first date problems. I want to send this message to all the newbies out there, especially the ones who make accounts just to have one question answered.

    Wondering why one girl doesn't like you or why your not funny is a common thing. Wondering how you can get her to like you or advice on how to save a situation you think might be over. IF YOU WERE DATING TEN GIRLS THEN NONE OF THOSE THINGS WOULD MATTER. This is a Mindset all of you need to adopt. If you APPROACH ALL THE TIME you will be better at talking to women. You will become funnier and playful and attractive. This has been a major plateau for me in learning that one girl simply cannot matter to me. The outcome I hope to achieve ruins my game and makes me worried what she will do. It is my actions that define me. That is why I go out many times a week. Set up multiple day two's a week. And go out and sarge for hours knowing im already talking to several hot girls. GIRLS FLAKE, sometimes, they LOSE ATTRACTION, other times they wont connect with you. But the beauty is that SOME LIKE YOU. When you have those 5 girls out of 100 that you connect with all of the other ones do not matter. In fact those other 100 probably got my game to the level needed to even find those 5. Im not going to say its a numbers game but its definitely something rewarded by constant action and having abundance.

    I want you to think about your questions. Any little experience you have on it will prepare you better for whats to come. And celebrate any little interaction that you get with the girl. Life gives you what you need, not what you want. You will probably benefit from the rejection of a thousand women far more than the acceptance of a few. But the result of it is you get laid either way.

    Just enjoy the journey my friends, and stay thirsty

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    Default Re: ABUNDANCE - The Answer to Half Your Problems

    good post, however the majority of the guys on here are looking for advice with the one girl they have oneitis with. also the problem with abundance is showing preselection.
    If i get a guy some a$$, he gets it for a day; if i teach him how to get it for himself, he's tappin forever

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