Okay guys as you probably already know my inner game is suffering right now when it comes to closing. This is mainly due to my issue of ignoring it and acting like it won't happen or not planning properly for it. So I have some questions to help with my inner game as I am going out to the Club again this weekend.

Closing (mostly for Club & Bars)
So what are some good examples of how to F-close a girl (I'm getting better at K-closing)? I am talking about closing statements to move things forward. Basically when I go for the F-close should I text her the next day? Should I try to be her BF at that point? Or maybe just play it as FWB?

Are there any ioi's that relate to an HB wanting an F-close? Is there a right time to F-close like should I N-close, text her at the Club then try to F-close her laterafter building more attraction or F-close on the spot?

Should I do the N-close then go for the F-close on a Day 2 or try to progress things that night? Not sure where to take it but just trying to sort these things out before I have to handle the logistics and keeping my frame.