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Thread: The Last Post You'll Ever Need

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    Default The Last Post You'll Ever Need

    I've talked about these in previous posts and this is the end all be all of being a good pua. Wanna be good. Take this, print it, put it above your bed at nite, between the covers of your schools text book, put this next to your toilet as reading material. I couldn't give a fark.

    Outer Game
    A) speak from your diaphram (paper clip your nose to help wit this)
    B) spreak slowly, add pauses
    C) variate tonality, add emotions and character to the way you say things.
    -facial (don't be immature)...lmao
    A) relax you eyelids. Have them be slightly closed
    B) part lips slightly
    C) show full range of emotions
    A) walk slowly and exagerate movements
    B) when standing stand with feet slightly outside shoulder width
    C) don't face girl immiately till she faces you then slowly face her.
    D) chest out, chin paralel to the ground
    -eye contact
    A) have strong unwavering eye contact
    B) no need to give guys or any undisrables your eyes because they don't exist to you and are not worth your attention
    C) don't just stare if your going to Look at a girl. Wave. Put sexual vibe behind it. Something

    -be unreactive
    A) shit test don't make you flinch or pause
    B) things happening in the enviorment don't effect you or exist unless you want them too.
    C) control the flow of the convo.
    -assume attraction
    A) believe she will like and you'll have all the right subcommunication
    -outcome independent
    A) you don't need the girl. You have a good life without her
    B) you want her but you don't need her. Buyers frame.
    -be congruent to how ever you are....unless who you are sux
    A) girls pick up (lol) on little subcomunications in your body be congruent to your emotions
    B) you are a plethora of different people at any given second. You could be loud one second and quiet and dominate the next

    These are the fundamentals. Not gonna lie the innergame stuff was half assed becuz I gotta rush out and game right now. Add any editorial pieces you want just put it in the comments
    "I've never seen anyone pull as quickly or as efficiently as you"
    -HarryRat(Simplepicku p)

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    Default Re: The Last Post You'll Ever Need

    I really like, "things don't exist in your environment unless you want them too"

    I've been using this a lot lately, especially if someone says/asks me a question I think is stupid or don't care to answer, I just remain silent. Like it!

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