Hi guys, its been awhile since i last posted here and at the same time its been awhile since i've ran some game (busy with school, life, projects, etc). I feel rusty and i can't tell if this girl is interested or just being friendly, please help, i'll try to be as concise as possible.

It started out one day i was helping out a friend at school study for a math exam, i'm above average intelligence so more than one person asks for my help studying. I was explaining one thing when suddenly this HB8 approaches our group asking for help with the same things, long story short, i ended up helping since i was the one with the most knowledge, the guys left and left me alone with her, i moved a tall chair closer to her and ended up knocking it on the floor since i was feeling nervous (curse that damn sexy cleavage). I felt like an AFC dumbass and she had this smirk on her face like saying she was hot and she knew it, i negged her once on her lack of intelligence.

Some days later she was sitting behind me, i turned around and opened her with a neg (hey, your shoes look really comfortable) which worked great, i followed it up with some small talk on the class and then transitioned into a female perspective question, when the class finished she made me wait until she talked to the teacher to head out together (sh1t test?) and as soon as we walk out the door some of her friends come over and she goes and talks to them, i just said "bye" and left (fool me twice...).

Fast forward a couple of weeks and exam time comes again, i'm in the same place helping out the same friend, again she came in wanting me too clear up some stuff for her but the interesting part is she brought along her HB9 friend which also needed some help. At the same time one of our mutual friends came by to say hi and opened me up for a great shotgun neg (her: don't help her out, she doesn't deserve it, me: Yeah don't worry, she's pretty annoying *smirk*). I resolved their first question easily and HB8 went somewhere else for another answer, but HB9 stuck around and asked me another exam question, i helped her out and she seemed pretty satisfied, i felt like i dhv'd somewhat since she made a comment how smart i was. She was very close and once i finished explaining i asked her some boring AFC interview questions, she was smiling all the while so it didn't go all too bad.

Next class HB9 sees me and we say hi, by the end the classroom was almost empty except HB8, HB9 and one of their male friends who looked sorta alpha, i went and opened her:

Me: "so, how did your grades go?"
Her: "Her, not bad, you?"
Blah Blah, she ended up getting more than me and was genuinely surprised, i told her it took too much time helping out others

Me: "what are your plans this weekend?"
Her: "not much you?"
Me: "I don't usually make plans, i'll see what pops out later"
Her: "do you have a girlfriend?" (out of the blue really, IOI?)
Me: "No but its funny you asked, this girl was messaging me on why i haven't called her, i found that amusing" (which was something that actually did happen)
Her: "Ah, so you're a player?"
Me: "uhhh, ummm, uhh sorta"
And then she made a kind of a DLV retracting comment on that which is hard to translate into english (I'm Mexican)

So while this conversation is going i realize i'm fidgeting alot and really botched my last response (as i said, i'm rusty) but i also notice she kept eye contact with me and kept smiling, she was also directly facing me.

Me: "So hey, i wanted to ask you (girls with tattoos opener)"

And at that point HB8 and AMOG eavesdropped and grew interested, AMOG wanted to respond and both girls scolded him on being so nosy (which is something girls over here do when they don't want to be interrupted with a guy). I took this as an opportunity to engage the whole set.

After that..
Me: "So, i didn't catch your name"
Her: "It's X, when did you ask? (thinking she had already told me)
Me: "Never really *smirk*, i was waiting for you to give it to me. So i'll just tell my sister X told me she can't get a tattoo" (they always smile at that last bit)

After that we all played a little candy rush on the ipad and i told them i had to go and the girls enthusiastically said bye to me. I thought it went decent and my intuition felt like i got some IOIs, so i was lamenting not trying to N-close her, i told my friend the story and he told me it was good i didn't make a move because shes in one of those super duper long term relationships.

So apart from that i just talked to HB9 today, i went and said hi to both of them, made a few jokes and i asked HB9 how her weekend went, she said fine and she asked how mine went and then she asked me what kind of things i like to do when i'm out, i sorta gave a fidgety response and someone else asked me something so i ejected.

So i know this is super long guys (sorry about that) but what do you think about HB9 from what i wrote? Shes pretty nice, cute and she's smoking hot. I kinda don't want to try to N-close if theres no IOIs. My intuition says yes, but my analytical brain says she could just be playing nice. Help please!