Awhile ago there was a hypnotist that was interviewing a person!
The person that Was being interviewed got a strange weird feeling that something is wrong , and quickly realized that he was being copied ! So he started testing the hypnotist by purposely crossing and uncrossing his legs and arms and sure enough the hypnotist was copying him !
What i liked about the article was that the hypnotist was employing ( mirroring of body movements ) which is a classic NLP , and like most classic nlp it failed since it had been turned into a technique . Since he didn't achieve the results he wanted to create this rapport.
Most people, when they are getting of well , will get in unconscious rapport , and they will tend to mirror each others body language and so on with ought even realizing .
Here is an example that we all experienced
All of the sudden we get this weird feeling of knowing when the other person stands up and leaves or when we have over stayed our welcome and so on ! This happens when this unconscious rapport is broken . Also since you are in unconscious rapport for so long your thought process and body language is so similar that you know when the other person will move
Studies carried out on rapport show a fascinating array of mirrored behaviors that are far more subtle than body position. People will blink at the same time, breathe at the same time , even have the same facial expressions!
Rapport may create these things , but the question is to those thing automatically create rapport?
With its delight in modeling, NLP takes these by- products of rapport and teaches students to consciously put them into practice , but copying every move exactly like NLPers teach does not put anyone at ease , if anything they just look r3tarded and weird
But nlpers wont admit this fact so they just blame it on the persons attitude and they wont admit their technique flawed
Now i will share the right way to do this!
Special thanks to Derren Brown
For example, imagine you are sat at a table and wish to have someone near you . This works best when people are seated
The game is to mirror the person subtly , constantly and peripherally, so that she finds herself feeling a connection with you and not knowing why ! You are not talking to her or even looking at her; you can only watch her out the corner out your eye . Thats why its best when the person is near you or at a adjoining table . This allows you to be quite bold some times .
If at a party , take a sip of your drink every time she drinks from her glass . Mirror her body position , as much as you can , shift when she shifts , sometimes an exact copy is to obvious, so for example , she is drumming her fingers , you might want to swing your hand instead in a natural way with the rhythm . Just let your body move in the same rhythm as hers see it as a dance .
Then after awhile you can see if the rapport is working say 15 minutes or so maybe college situations in lecture halls , but remember it cant be obvious