Hey guys,

Firstly, long time since my last post, I finally lost my virginity! Well, almost. I couldn't get hard because I was too excited the night before and "choked the bishop" a little too hard. But she still enjoyed it and wants to meet up again. ka-ching!

Anyway, I got a free photoshoot the other day. The chick is going to take pictures of me probably around the city. She's pretty hot. I'm thinking it would be the perfect opportunity to go for an Instant Date. Only thing is, even though it's free, she's basically still a Hired Gun- i.e. she is offering me a service and she's essentially there to do business.

At the moment we're talking on facebook except I'm talking to her "official photography" page instead of to her actual facebook, do you guys think this matters? Any advice on convincing her to add me as a friend on her profile (to establish a more informal relationship)?

- Totallydude