Read up on these methods if you are not familiar. I'll give a short explanation if you are feeling lazy.

I first heard about anchoring from Ross Jeffries sugar packet routine. You use an item, your touch, a word, etc to elicit a positive feeling from a woman. Example: Every time you and a woman laugh squeeze her elbow. After repeating this several times she will subconsciously associate that positive feeling with that touch. You can then use that touch at your will to arouse the same sensation in her again.

peacocking is simple. Dress flashy, over the top, and fun to stand out from the crowd. Like a peacock.

I like to combine the two with shiny kids toy jewelry sold in the 25c vending machines. Women love jewelry and will notice that you are wearing an over sized shiny pink plastic ring on your pinky. Especially if you are flashing it around.

The peacocking end is easy. Just wear it. Accessorize around it. I was in a fun bar in NYC with live music, pool tables, and ping pong tables. I was fairly dressy with a green boa, a shiny yellow necklace, and the over sized pink pinky ring.

The anchoring part is more involved. I'm making the rounds and HB9+ appears in front of me. I give her a big smile and tell her I have better "bling" and show her my pink ring as I stroke my chin. She gives a robust laugh. THATS THE hook. She is intrigued with me and laughing. My hooks are the word "bling" and my pink ring. I'll also try and go back to the pose of stroking my chin with the pinky ring at her eye level.

As we talk I intermittently grab her jewelery and check out her "bling". She giggles,

Her: "It's not as BLING as yours!".
Me: "Hellllll nooooooooooo I'm the BLINGIEST baby" and put my hand with the pink ring up to my chin as we laugh.

I excuse myself and tell her I have to go talk to my friend. Walking away is very powerful. Returning and making her laugh will only increase the effectiveness. I make sure I can see her so she doesn't leave without seeing me again. I'll circle back and flash the ring. She laughs and welcomes me back. Escalation is easy from there.

At the end of the night I grab her number. As I'm leaving I place the pink ring in her hand and squeeze it over the ring. I look her in the eyes and tell her, "Take care of my bling until I see you again". I walk off without kissing her to heighten the tension and anticipation for next time. I turn around and she is gazing at the ring, smiling, and clenching it close to her. We lock eyes and smile again as I walk out.

We made out like animals in the bar next time we got together and f-closed. Luckily, she's a great girl and we get along very well. Good skills helped me find a girl I enjoy seeing and may lead to something very rewarding. Such a powerful approach certainly contributed to her viewing me as someone she'd enjoy dating.