Pick up Artists, its no step by step procedure, its way more deep then you may think. It changes people so, its no game. Believe it or not, PUA is more mind games then you think. The Kino, body language .etc it makes the mind fonction and think, analyze. By that I mean, if you touch a girl, she'll think of it for a second, mention it if she's not comfortable. Comfortable or not it doesn't mean game over it will then depend on what you reply to her question. Girls or people don't need to talk to you unless they need something. Girls allowing you to talk to them means more then you think.

Those are the type of stuff we don't actually think about but I love analyzing. Basicly, picking up girls are mind games, you're good in mind games, you're good with anything. A steady mind set and you're set. What I think is sad though is that at some point it looks like manipulation but undetected (giving person x such emotion, to get such response) Really, why would a girl chase a guy calling her a bitch? When you think about it she has all the power to leave but is so addicted to her emotions that she chases after the guy. If she doesn't get what she wants she'll be mad. When girls write statues on facebook and such, most of the time its about someone. The one with the better mind set is the alpha male basicly.

Today, I felt this amazing vibe, I wasn't trying to be such and such. I was bluntly myself, chill with everyone and believe it or not. I could see how people feel insecure in an everyday environment. People actually talked to me when usually they didn't or wouldn't bother girls looked at me with these eyes saying ''Who is that guy'' some smiled. This was one hell of a blow mind for me. To understand the point behind PUA.

PS: Don't take this offensively this is how I see PUA in a whole. I believe most of you can relate.