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    jaxc Guest

    Default what do i do when overwhelmed

    well basicly i opened on this one HB8/9 and i didnt realize that she like 14 of her friends with her and they all started coming into the conversation from all directions i think i could have handled it if it was only like 2 or 3 of her friends but with that many my confidence just nosedived what do you do in that situation if your suddenly overwhelmed by so many of her friends

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    Slick Guest


    Well first off. Congrats!

    Second, sounds like an amazing learning experience.

    Tell us what happened once they started entering the set. What did they say, how did they act. Did they tease you, or ask you questions, or engage you? Where they protecting her?

    Give us all the details so we can break it down for ya..

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    Christian Guest


    Man Jaxc I think you were in the best situation possible. How amazing is it to be surrounded by all of those women? Tell them that! I don't mean to be cavalier but in that situation you've just gotta smile and enjoy the fact that you're surrounded by fun and beauty. See which ones you get along with and keep talking to them. Hotties often roll with a big entourage - esp if they're younger - and their peers will often work to validate you and determine if you're cool enough to talk to the hot one. Just keep doing what you're doing, and next time this happens, smile a big smile and thank God for the fact that women exist and there are so many around you at once.

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    jaxc Guest


    This was on campus at my college. well i kinda panicked at first but i was able to recompose my self quickly and tried to play it cool and calm. at first her friends were throwing questions at me like it was an interrogation but i aced through those. i noticed few of her friends reacting negatively towards me to be protective of the HB so i set my eyes on one of the HB friend who was less attractive than her and pulled all attention of the group to her from here the group opened up to me more. i tried to make the HB feel a little isolated from the conversation and noticed her trying to drag attention towards her each time she did this, i gave her the attention for a few seconds then went back to the group.

    at one point i started labeling the people in the group like i would point out one of the girls and say "your the crack addict in this group arent you" that seemed to be working first. i tried that with the protective girl in the group i said "your the father in this group arent you protecting your girls, us guys are only after one thing right" she fliped out and said some very harsh words to me then the rest of the group came to my rescue and scolded her

    by the end of the whole thing my nerves had gotten to me and i felt overwhelmed cos i had never been in that situation i was unsure how to close with the girl i wanted but im gonna try to close next week when i see her on campus.

    how should i have handled a situation like that when one girl flips out at me and the rest of the group scold her
    also how would i close in a situation were theres that many girls paying attention to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaxc View Post
    by the end of the whole thing my nerves had gotten to me and i felt overwhelmed cos i had never been in that situation
    Very cool. You NOW have been in that situation and are better prepared to deal with it next time. Also, college game is super different than game in a bar, club or other venue.


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