If you still want this chick, I think your LJBF response might have been too strong. It sounds angry, and needs to come across as nonchalant. But one-itis is a big problem, and it sounds like you have it with this chick, so I agree, move on.

As far as kissing goes, remember the rule of ioi's. If you get three IOI's, you're golden. However, most guys will second guess themselves at this point ("was that really an IOI?") etc.

If you don't feel comfortable with the whole evolution Phase Shift routine, here's three of my favorite lines/routines that you can use to probe for a kiss and eventually lead to a kiss close. If you think you'd had 3 IOI's and want to second guess yourself, try either of these.

1) Wait for a subtle pause in the conversation, and say "Do you want to kiss me?" You'll get one of three answers. "Yes", "No," or "Maybe"
If Yes: Kiss her, and do it well!
If Maybe: Say, "Let's find out" and kiss her, and do it well!
If No: Say, "I didn't say you could. You just looked like you had something on your mind." Then continue your conversation, and eventually move into one of the other two routines.

2) Find a solid place in the conversation, put on a smile, and say "You know, you really need to stop that." She'll say "what?" You respond "If you don't stop giving me that look, I'm going to have to kiss you, and it won't be my fault." She'll say "what look?" Smile and turn your head away from her for a few seconds. Finally turn back, and say "Hey, I warned you..." and then kiss her, and do it well!

3) Play the questions game. This is a fun game anyways, but works great as a kiss transition. Here's how it works...
You: "I have an idea. Let's play a game."
Her: "What game?"
You: "It's called the questions game. It's just like truth or dare, except without the dare. We can ask anything, and the other has to answer truthfully. This way we can get to know each other a little better. And none of those lame 'where do you work' or 'where are you from' questions, either. It has to be something big! I'll let you go first."
Her: "I can't think of anything."
You: Roll your eyes. "I see I'm going to have to do everything in this relationship. Alright, what was your biggest dream growing up? What did you want to be or do, no matter how ridiculous it might be?"
Come up with a few more questions like this and go back and forth for two or three rounds. You're building rapport, you're opening each other up, and you're building trust. When it's your turn on round 3 or 4, here's your next question...
You: "Alright, I've got one. Are you a good kisser?"
Her: "I don't know." or something to that affect.
You: "Let's find out." and then you kiss her, and do it well!

Best of luck guys!