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Thread: Best Pick up system out there?

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    Leonyc14 Guest

    Default Best Pick up system out there?

    I am kind of new to this pickup stuff so I was just wondering if any of you guys who has been into this longer than I have can recommend their favorite system. Can you provide a link?

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    grex Guest


    hey man, there is no perfect system out there, the only thing that may come close to perfect is the system that you create for yourself through experience.
    However the way i started was by reading Neil Strauss' book ' The Game' so if you don't have that go out and buy it and do all the missions he sets.
    Just keep at it and you will be a top notch pua before you know it.


    Get on youtube and search pick up artist, Im sure you will find a lot in there that may benefit your ' game ' such as body language, openers, hooks and so on
    Good luck buddy.
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    Hey there, I started with David DeAngelo and Double Your Dating (I think there is a link here with the brunette) which was a fantastic foundation, then I did some of Style's stuff which was good but not a super great fit for me. I also did a bootcamp here with the SocialMan in NYC. That propelled my game to new heights (they also have a banner here, it is the one with the unbreakable text or something).

    I would say the combination of a few methodologies worked best for me. And having a good wing was critical to motivate me.

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    Ambition Guest


    HighTower, are the bootcamps really worth it? There's one coming up in Vegas, and I'm reluctant to spend that much money. But if they really boost your game, that might help me a lot. All I've learned so far is from books and videos, and I'm doing alright, but there's a ton of little things I need to work on.

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    Christian Guest


    Hey guys, Christian here... you've seen some of my unbreakable banners and Hightower is an alum of one of our bootcamps, so obviously, I'm a little bit biased in this answer But let me add two thoughts to this mix:

    - a bootcamp is by far the best way to make massive changes, fast. If you have a good instructor, they will a.) be able to see and diagnose issues that you don't see, which are impeding your progress, and b.) demonstrate things to you to imitate. You should really make sure that you trust your instructor and know who you'll be working with.

    - I've been doing this for over five years now, and I know that there is no one "system" that is perfect. But I created a course called "Unbreakable Confidence and Game" which merges the best things from everything out there, and adds a lot of new material. We have it set up so that you can try it out for seven days for $7, which is a pretty absurdly low price. We get rave testimonials about it every day, and I invite each of you to check it out. We stand behind our refund policies (if you don't like it, you get your money back) and we also include hidden mic pickups and videos of us interacting with women so you get both theory and the practical application of it. There is a banner up top that you can click on to check it out.

    Hope to hear you talking about it soon...


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    LondonPaladin Guest


    Dude checkout pickup podcast. They have interviews with all the top gurus out there. I would definitely recommend checking out a mainstream system. There are 100s of little systems that are more than a little questionable out there. So just be careful bro.
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    Nocturnatum Guest


    Hi, I read The Game, and various other PU books at the time like Tony Clink' The Layguide. I think actually owning The Layguide I improved my game because I could refer to it whenever I felt like it. I also bought Payton Kane' Seduce & Conquer cd set.. don't think it's available anymore. That really helped with my view on things.
    I went on to purchase Mystery Method which upped my game significantly. The structure it teaches really puts a good model in the forefront of your mind and you can calibrate according to which phase you're in. I think this is a good way to go.
    To be honest though I think it's good to work on inner game as well as learning to speak to women and calibrate. Good material for this would be anything by David DeAngelo and his stuff is quite dense, so you'll spend a lot of time going through it all.
    I tried learning Speed Seduction from what I could get my hands on but found that it applies better to rapport stages of an interaction and I still need to work on attraction. One of my sticking points involves me looking young for my age.. not good for pick up. However, anything you learn to apply from what you may learn of Speed Seduction, NLP, and hypnosis will make your game much more powerful.
    I also hear good things about Mehow' material and also Sinn' stuff. I am currently reading The Natural Art of Seduction - Secrets of Success with Women by Richard La Ruina a.k.a. Gambler and am finding it very useful. His game is better than you might think and he has lots of interesting stuff to learn that you can start applying right away.
    I think the best place to start would be to get all the free stuff you can get your hands on. Also, sign up to podcasts... I listen to Carlos Xuma which I think is really good. Sign up to emails. Most of the time its more like an advertisement than a tip but once in a while you'll be given something worthwhile and there are always offers happening which could lead you to some dynamite material.
    Anyway, just my two cents, hope I've helped.

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