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    Default Talking to women like clients

    A friend and I have been out sarging a few times, and his number one critique for me is that I sound too professional when I speak to women. I've been in marketing for years, and speaking to clients is one of my fortes, so this makes sense. But when it comes to women, they're always very friendly with me and our conversations work well, but the tone I use and my vocabulary end up coming off too "educated" than conversational.

    Incidentally, since I started working on my PUA skills, my speaking/sales skills have increased tremendously. I'm actually thinking this is hurting me in the field.

    Does anyone have advice or has had this problem in the past? The majority of the advice I've received has been generally "dumb down your speaking," but that feels counterproductive and I really don't want to lose my own personal/professional communication skills.

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    Remember, when talking to clients it is all about business and facts, and professional and BORING.

    Girls are not attracted to this.

    Talking to girls should be higher energy, fun, interesting, not fact based, not professional and never boring.

    Boring just KILLS attraction.

    Try to be more fun and not so serious. Your attitude is coming through in your voice and tonality.

    One more thing. That is GREAT to seek advice from people you go out with. Most guys are too insecure or have too much of an ego to do this. I would even take it a step further, and ask some of your girl friends how they perceive you and if there is anything weird about you.



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